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National Holidays: Feb. 7 through Feb. 11

Monday: National Fettuccine Alfredo Day 

Feb. 7 is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day. This staple Italian dish can be found on numerous American restaurant menus, and for good reason. Made with parmesan cheese, butter, garlic and fettuccine pasta, this meal warms the soul and soothes the appetites of pasta lovers. Many restaurants in and around the Bangor area feature this item on their menus. You can find fettuccine alfredo at Olive Garden, Yamas Bar and Grill and Applebee’s. At Chili’s, you can even find fettuccine alfredo with a cajun twist. Pair this dish with grilled chicken, broccoli or even seafood such as scallops, and this dish can be transformed into an even tastier meal that will leave you craving it for days. Feb. 7 is also Rose Day and National Periodic Table Day.

Tuesday: Laugh and Get Rich Day

Today is Laugh and Get Rich Day, a holiday with the sole purpose of getting you, along with your friends and family, to simply laugh and feel happiness. When you are feeling down, laughter can be one of the best remedies to boost your mood and make your day better. According to, laughing can actually benefit your health by lowering your blood pressure and stress, strengthening your immune system and overall boosting your mood. As the semester progresses and assignments begin to add up, take time today to laugh about something and remember to stay happy and insightful amidst your studies. Feb. 8 is also Extraterrestrial Culture Day, National Boy Scout Day and National Kite-Flying Day.

Wednesday: National Pizza Day

For college students, pizza is a popular choice for get-togethers and outings. According to, pizza was first invented in southwestern Italy’s Campania region, where Naples resides. Luckily, Orono and Old town have many options for satisfying your pizza cravings. With restaurants such as Riverside House of Pizza, Pat’s Pizza, Orono House of Pizza (OHOP), O.T.O Outta The Ordinary and even Domino’s, the pizza options are endless. If you catch yourself in the downtown Bangor area, Angelo’s Pizza is another delicious option. Feb. 9 is also Read In The Bathtub Day, National Toothache Day and National Bagel and Lox Day.

Thursday: National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

If there is one thing someone with a sweet tooth knows, it is that brownies are a staple dessert. What is great about this delicious treat is the ability to transform it with different flavors. Brownies can be turned into salted caramel brownies, red velvet brownies and even blondie brownies. Today, cream cheese brownies are being nationally celebrated, and for good reason. The combination of cream cheese with chocolate tastes better than it sounds. If you haven’t tried it before, today is your day to go out and indulge! Whip some up in your own kitchen on your own, with friends and family or visit a local bakery. With Valentine’s Day coming up, this could even make a great sweet treat to gift your significant other or other loved ones. Feb. 10 is also National Umbrella Day.

Friday: National Latte Day

Just like pizza, espresso is widely popular with college students. Caffeine drives many students through their days packed with lectures, readings and assignments. There are many local spots to stop by and grab an espresso in one of its most popular forms: the latte. Nest in downtown Orono is the perfect location for getting a latte. You can order it with your choice of multiple flavored syrups, as well as with different assortments of milk to fit your preferences. You can also stop by the Oakes Room Cafe in the Fogler Library on campus, as well as Aroma Joe’s. Feb. 11 is also Satisfied Staying Single Day, National Make a Friend Day and National Guitar Day.

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