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Band Royaljag creates their own unique sound and vibe to offer listeners something new

5/5 Stars

The band Royaljag from San Bernardino, California, are ready to take the music industry by storm. The band was formed by twin brothers Jay and Roland Garcia and their long time friend David Ajoku. 

The inspiration for their music comes from childhood memories. On days where they would clean the house, their parents would play music giants like Stevie Wonder, ABBA, the BeeGees and Michael Jackson. They have made it their mission to praise these artists in their music. 

They are the architects of chameleon pop, a self-generated genre that allows them to create music without identifying with a single genre of music. It makes their music unique, considering they most certainly don’t have one recognizable sound.

Royaljag’s music sounds retro courtesy of their electric guitar being synthesized, playing around with sound to create a modern ‘80s vibe. All of their songs give that VHS tape filter vibe, almost like their modern music has a foot in two different eras. Their music is groovy and addictive. They pair their retro vibe with vocals reminiscent of the BeeGees or even Greta Van Fleet. The vocals are mostly sung softly, melting together with the music. 

Their songs make you wish it was summertime, like you are in a green, colorful world that’s warmed from sunshine. It’s music that’s perfect on a drive with the windows rolling down, your hair whipping behind you, the smell of fresh air filling your car. Some songs to keep in mind for this summer are “Put You On,” “909,” “Afterglow,” “Feelin’ Right” and “Daydream.” 

While their music isn’t as lively or as wide-reaching as Michael Jackson or the BeeGees, their unique modern grooviness gives them ample opportunity to be the next big thing. 

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