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Hulu’s new ‘No Exit’ satisfies a viewers’ want for suspense and chaos

4/5 Stars 

Trust no one. The viewer watching “No Exit” learns this lesson quickly. In 20th Century Studio’s 2022 film, released on Hulu on Feb. 25, the audience is full of fear and suspense for the entire hour and 35 minute runtime. This movie satisfies anyone who is looking to add a little bit of adrenaline to their day.

Starring Havana Rose Liu as Darby Thorne, Danny Ramirez as Ash and David Rysdhal as Lars, their roles create a violent dynamic that’ll leave viewers feeling like they should watch their own backs. Liu is new to the film scene with her only other appearance being in the 2022 film “The Sky Is Everywhere.” Ramirez is best known for his work in “The Gifted” and “On My Block.” Previous movies starring Rysdhal include “That’s Not Us” and “The Revival.” Other notable actors in this film include Dale Dickey as Sand, Dennis Haysbert as Ed and Mila Harris as Jay.

Stuck in court mandated rehabilitation for a long term drug addiction, Thorne gets a call informing her that her mother is in the hospital in critical condition. Despite her mother’s condition, Thorne cannot be released from rehab so she decides to escape. Not long after breaking out of rehab and stealing a car, a weather alert lights up her phone warning her of an incoming blizzard. As the weather quickly worsens, she finds herself on a road that is closed off due to the storm and ends up at a nearby visitors center where she joins four other people who have stopped there to wait for the roads to open back up. Shortly after arriving, she heads back outside in search of a phone signal but instead finds something much more horrifying. The sound of muffled screaming leads her to a van where she finds a young girl, Jay, tied up inside.

Survival mode kicks in as Thorne finds herself stranded with four kidnapping suspects and no one to trust. This film will have your hearts racing as she goes through the unspeakable to try to make sure she and Jay get out of there alive.

20th Century Studios wastes no time in getting straight to the action. This fast-paced film is rich with jaw-dropping plot twists and shocking altercations. The rapidly unfolding chaos doesn’t leave a second of downtime, making it an enjoyable film for anyone who prefers movies that go from one thing to the next, making it impossible to get bored.

The film, although engaging and easy to get invested in, fails to offer a substantial explanation as to why the kidnapping took place. The background that was provided was vague and at some points open to interpretation. While it didn’t take away from the intensity of the film, it did give off the feeling that something was missing from the overall storyline.

So long as you’re not one to get caught up in the details, “No Exit” is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a little suspense to their next film viewing experience.

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