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‘About Damn Time’ is only the start of what Lizzo has to offer for this summer

4/5 Stars 

Hip-hop and funk-pop artist Lizzo is re-entering the music scene this month for the first time since her 2021 release of “Rumors,” featuring Cardi B. She recently released her upbeat single “About Damn Time” earlier this month. 

“About Damn Time” is a sneak peek into Lizzo’s upcoming album titled “Special,” which is expected to be released on July 15 of this year. “Special” will be the artist’s fourth studio album and will be the first album to be released since the release of  “Cuz I Love You,” which was released over three years ago.

The single is performed by Lizzo, and is written by Blake Slatkin and Theron Thomas. It also samples “Hey! DJ” by The World’s Famous Supreme Team.

Lizzo has certainly lived up to her reputation for creating upbeat and energy-rich music with “About Damn Time.” The single is considered pop, more specifically funk-pop, due to the song’s syncopated bass lines and drum beats. This song is something that listeners will want to dance to.

“About Damn Time” is a tribute to finally getting your energy and sense of fun back after being stuck in a low-energy and stress-induced funk. This feeling is a shared experience for many listeners, as life is starting to finally go back to normal post-pandemic.

The song’s lyrics validate anyone who has ever felt like they need to let loose in order to balance out the more strenuous parts of life.

“Oh, I’ve been so down and under pressure / I’m way too fine to be this stressed, yeah / Oh, I’m not the girl I was or used to be, uh / B—-, I might be better,” Lizzo sings, showcasing how to love all the changes you’ve gone through. 

These lyrics are a reminder that, even when life is challenging or putting pressure on you, having fun is still an important part of your life.

In an interview with Manka Talks, Lizzo explains that this isn’t just a feel good song for her listeners, but for herself as well.

“I wrote a song that I wanted to sing on stage and feel good about,” Lizzo said. “Sometimes I get on stage and I’m having a horrible day, and I’m sad about something, or I’m down or I’m tired and whenever I sing ‘About Damn Time’ I feel immediately better.”

“About Damn Time” doesn’t stray far from Lizzo’s energetic style that is sure to uplift listeners and brighten their mood.  

The single has made her fans excited for Lizzo’s full album, which will be available on Apple Music and Spotify on July 15, in time to pump up your summer playlists.

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