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‘House’ is still a captivating and binge-worthy show years later

4.5/5 Stars

There are an endless number of medical television shows on the market, from “Grey’s Anatomy” to “Chicago Med,” “Scrubs” and “Private Practice.” However, “House” stands out from the crowd with its dark humor and Sherlock Holmes-level mystery diagnoses. 

Originally released in 2004, the show follows master diagnostician Dr. Gregory House around the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. He’s as prickly as they come, frequently described as a narcissistic, cynical who is also addicted to Vicodin. Hugh Laurie stars as Dr. House, and the British comedian quickly became a sensation after just one season. 

House doesn’t work alone, however. He has three fellows, Drs. Chase, Cameron and Foreman. His best friend, Dr. Wilson, is an oncologist at the same hospital and is the Watson to his Holmes. The head of the hospital, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, is always trying to get him to be better morally or stopping his crazy plans to test or diagnose a patient. 

Laurie plays House beautifully. The British comedian balances House’s characteristic dark humor with his brazen narcissistic personality to create a complex character whose story arc is truly fascinating to watch. He diagnoses the undiagnosable, from genetic conditions you’ve never heard of to diseases that inhabit only the most rural of places in the world.

There are many things “House” has done that make the show stick out from the others.

When it comes to personal story arcs, the characters face quirky yet realistic problems and situations with the patients they treat. There’s the classic cancer story arc — as seen on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Chicago Med” and even “Scrubs” — but with that classic narcissistic House twist that will drop your jaw.

House and his team’s love lives are equally as complicated as their cases. Some couples pair up immediately, while others wait out a slow-burn. However, no two couples are the same, and they will keep you on your seat to see if the pair will stick it out. 

Overall, “House” is worth 4.5 out of 5 stars. The interpersonal relationships and crazy diagnoses make for a perfect concoction for a truly addicting show. The only reason it isn’t 5 stars is because the eighth season loses a tiny bit of steam, but it is still highly enjoyable. 

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