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‘The Adam Project’ takes viewers for a timeless adventure

4/5 Stars 

Netflix found a way to play with time by releasing their new film “The Adam Project” on March 11. The light-hearted action and adventure film is currently at spot number three on Netflix’s list of Top 10 Movies in the U.S Today. With a runtime of 1 hour and 46 minutes, “The Adam Project” will pull its viewers into a witty reality that is not bound by time.

Starring Ryan Reynolds as Adam Reed from 28 years in the future and Walker Scobell as 12-year-old Adam Reed, this pair creates a humorous dynamic that will have viewers wishing they could catch up with their younger selves in pursuit to save the world. This interesting relationship between two different versions of himself adds a new perspective that gives insight on the character development of Reed and why he is the way he is. 

Other notable actors in the film include Mark Ruffalo as Louis Reed, Jennifer Garner as Ellie Reed and Zoe Salaña as Laura Shane.  

The film is about Reed, a man from a dystopian version of the year 2050 where time travel is possible. On a mission to find his missing wife, Reed steals a time jet to travel back to 2018, the year of his wife’s alleged death, but becomes injured and crash lands in the year 2022 where he meets his 12-year-old self who is still coping with the death of his father. 12-year-old Reed is also the key to powering the jet and assisting the future Reed in his journey. The duo finds Reed’s wife seeking refuge in the year 2022, where she warns them about a woman named Maya Sorian who is using time travel with evil intentions. With this in mind, they jump back to 2018, where the younger Reed gets to reunite with his father and save time travel—or rather, destroy it. 

Netflix brings its viewers a mix between reality and fantasy, taking life as we currently know it and placing it in a world with advanced technology where time travel exists and technology advances quickly. The costumes for the earlier years visited in the film are ordinary everyday clothes that stay true to the characters and their personal styles. The costumes worn by individuals from the year 2050 have a sleek, modern feel to them. The officers from 2050 are equipped with a futuristic space suit-style uniform and helmets that covers them from head to toe.

“The Adam Project” provides an enjoyable viewing experience. The witty and humorous dynamic between 12-year-old Reed and his older self will have older audiences wishing they could hash it out with their younger selves while younger audiences wish they could take on the world with the person that they will one day become. Director Shawn Levy’s applaudable work strikes the perfect balance between action and humor, making it a movie that can please a variety of audiences. The film is worth your attention the next time you find yourself on Netflix scrolling through the Top 10 Movies in the U.S Today.

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