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How to crochet a beanie 

With winter break approaching, the cold is coming. What better way to combat this weather than by doing a fun activity? I started crocheting beanies for family and friends last year to give meaningful yet simple gifts. 

This pattern is one of the easier ones, in my opinion, since it doesn’t do a circle base but instead more of a rectangle base. This pattern is good for all ranges of expertise, and videos will be linked below if you need help with the basics.


  • Yarn 
  • Scissors 
  • Crochet hook

(Note: Any yarn can be used; just match it with the correct size hook. The size of the hook used can be found on the label of the yarn) 

Step 1: 

Crochet a base chain of single loops that measure around 13 inches.

Step 2: 

Skip a loop, and do a half-double crochet into the second to last loop. 

Step 3:

Crochet a half-double into each loop for the rest of the row, and at the end of the row, chain one and turn.

Step 4: 

Continue step three until the rectangle is long enough to wrap around the head. (note- this yarn is stretched out, so it looks as if it gets smaller, but it does not) 

Step 5:

Once the desired length is reached, fold the rectangle in half and do half-double crochets to join the two sides.

Step 6:

After around 10 double-half crochets, flip the beanie inside out and continue to double-half crochets. At the end, cut the string long enough to be sewn into the top

Step 7:

Sew the top together by weaving in and out of the top loops.

Step 8: 

Finally, turn the beanie inside out again and sew the remaining hole in the center. 


How to make a chain loop

How to do a half double crochet

Lana Kenoyer provided all photographs in article.

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