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Orono Farmer’s Market offers sustainable, economic shopping for all

The Orono Farmers Market is a recurring event for individuals to stop by and shop for various products such as sustainable food, flowers and more. The participating vendors consist mostly of locals who look forward to being able to provide for and be involved with the community on a weekly basis. The market serves as a meaningful way to establish a strong connection with both residents and visitors and provide them with a great outlook on the town. The location often changes, so check their website for more details. 

Upon arrival, the vendors were finishing setting up their small business booths. With their ability to create authentic connections with their customers and naturally friendly nature, the vendors encourage individuals to return to the market. The shops are organized, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. With the vendors paying close attention to detail regarding their small businesses, their passion and love for their jobs are emphasized.

After engaging in conversation with some of the individuals shopping at the farmers market, it became clear that this was not only a place to purchase fresh produce and shop in an environmentally friendly way, but it also serves as a pivotal aspect of their weekly routine. Some individuals even went as far as to say that it was the highlight of their week. 

They emphasized the importance of supporting local small businesses and how they look forward to coming each week with their families and trying new products. I personally look forward to attending the Orono Farmers Market and find it to be a great way for me, as a student living in Orono, to be more involved with the community, learn more about the individuals who work hard to allow the event to run smoothly, support small businesses and shop sustainably. 

Students should consider attending the Orono Farmers Market to support local businesses and contribute to the sustainability of the community. These interactions and support from one another are what make our community so strong and stable.

Additionally, shopping at the Orono Farmers Market is often a more cost-effective approach to shopping than purchasing from large, traditional grocery stores. This allows students to budget their money in a sustainable way. Personally, I like to attend the Farmers Market with my friends and make a fun day out of it. You would be surprised by just how enjoyable it is to see all the different shops, vendors, products and learn more about this event. 

The Orono Farmers Market is a great resource for locals, visitors and students at UMaine to access fresh, local produce, support sustainable shopping from local small businesses, learn more about the community, and overall enjoy an uplifting, socially engaging, educational and educational experience.

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