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Dear President Hunter

Dear President Hunter,

Throughout our tenure as presidents of the two Senior Traditions Societies, it has been a joy to work with you. With every encounter, you bring an infectious energy that drives students and faculty members alike to take pride in what they are doing for the University of Maine. The depth of your relationship with the university is one to be admired. In the many years you’ve spent here, you’ve always been caring and compassionate, which are qualities of an excellent leader.

As we conclude our time here at UMaine, it seems fitting that we also get to share this farewell with you, President Hunter. The College of our Hearts always will surely miss you, but because of your efforts, we have no question that all future Black Bears will continue to inherit the spirit that she has impressed upon this school.

President Hunter, we thank you for your service, kindness and school spirit. It is your example that drives us to be the very best community members we can be. We will miss you, and we wish you the very best of luck!


Marsha Pominova, AMW President ‘18
Nicholas LaJoie, Skulls President ‘18

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