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Base politics on issues, not biology

Last Tuesday, a well-known Atlanta rapper, Killer Mike, managed to offend many with one simple phrase: “a uterus doesn’t qualify you to be president.” While many feminists gawked at the comment, made at a rally for Bernie Sanders, they did not take a second to consider his words before becoming offended.

The rapper was focusing on his main social issues, particularly equal racial rights. Though based from a different agenda, the rapper still had a valid point. Having a uterus qualifies a female candidate for presidency just as much as having a prostate qualifies a male. Sanders’ spokesman later clarified the rapper’s statement with the comment that the rapper simply “doesn’t believe gender should be a reason to vote for or against someone.” With this train of thought he could not be more right.

This century has been one of many firsts, including the first African American president. As much as I would like to attribute Obama’s election to his successful campaign, another large reason for his election was the fact that he was a first. While it was an amazing year for numbers of citizens that hit the polls, some of them were voting for the wrong reason. There is the possibility of this with Hillary Clinton, a female candidate.

While many feminists are working hard on fact-based campaigns to improve equality for women, there are just as many who will vote for Clinton simply because she is a woman. This will then be called a feminist victory and be celebrated regardless of the political outcomes that follow. The vote will have nothing to do with furthering women’s rights. It will only be a tool to put a female in one of the perceived ultimate positions of power within this country.

There is also talk about a female voting against another female as a betrayal of sorts, reminiscent of a high school popularity contest. Madeliene Albright, a fervent supporter of Clinton stated, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

We could rant about all the women-shaming activities there are in the world and easily fill this entire publication. Not following political beliefs due to gender discrimination should not be one of them. It seems counterintuitive to the whole feminist movement.

This entire issue is another example of the public hearing what they want to hear, and just another way for candidates to waste time slinging insults instead of facing the real issues that will need resolving in the future term. Therefore, the emphasis of each campaign needs to change for a more positive future.

After all this, please take a moment. When you go to the polls this year, base your vote on the issues, policies and beliefs of the candidate, not their reproductive organs.

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