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Spring right back into classes — it’s almost over

Imagine how much better life would be without Mondays. They are the worst day of the week: the connecting bridge between our relaxing, fun-filled weekend and our lingering sense of reality. However, the most unfortunate Monday of all is the Monday following spring break. At least we’re all suffering together with getting back into our routines. Those two long enjoyable weeks of warmer weather and relaxation came to a screeching halt once Monday rolled around. It’s going to be a slow transition into our hectic collegian lives, but there are some ways to make it a little bit more enjoyable.

As unappealing as it sounds, jump right back into your school work. Waiting for motivation to hit you is a waste of time — create the motivation yourself. Though we’re more than halfway done the second semester, we still have plenty of work to accomplish. Waiting around and avoiding homework isn’t the best way to go. Sure, you might be able to catch up on some episodes of “11.22.63” on Hulu that you started over spring break, but that can wait for the weekend. Think of spring break as a clean slate. Now that you’ve had a bit of a breather from school and time to recharge, get yourself organized. Dig out those syllabi hidden in the back of your binders and fill out your planner. Take time to pencil in some study time during these next six weeks to prevent stressing too hard for finals this year.

If your spring break looked anything like mine, it probably wasn’t filled with many healthy decisions. Try to get back to your gym routine and cut down on the unhealthy foods. Sign up for the Healthy High 5k or start walking to class once the weather warms up. The better you feel, the more you’ll be able to accomplish. Focusing on your health might be time-consuming, but that’s exactly what you need to do. The busier you are, the faster time goes. Soon enough, we’ll all be lounging by the pool and not worrying about homework.

We have to focus on the good things to look forward to during the latter half of this semester. For starters, nicer weather is coming. Though we are in Maine, it will get warmer. It may not be as nice as it was in Florida or wherever you spent your spring break, but it will definitely be nicer than our recent snow storm. Start study breaks or study sessions outside as soon as you can. A little bit of vitamin D from the sun can go a lot further than you think.

There are so many entertaining events coming up in the near future. Earth Day is coming, which means the Green Team’s naked lap is almost upon us. Don’t lie to yourself; we’re all excited about this. We’ve also got Maine Day soon after that. Think about it — one day in the middle of the week where you don’t have to go to class, and you can just hang out with your friends, enjoy your school, play games, volunteer and pretend it’s a sunny Saturday.

This is the point in the semester to find your inner motivation. It’s in there somewhere. Whatever motivation it takes to get focused, do it. We can handle six more weeks if we focus on what’s beyond that: another semester down and an entire three months without worrying about essays, reading or studying. We’ll be able to hang out with our hometown friends and make money at our summer jobs. Let’s work hard now so we can play hard later.

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