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Don’t abandon all communication with your family

We all know how overwhelming college can be. It is far too easy to get stuck in rigid routine of sleep, eat, homework and repeat. While it is certainly important to excel and work hard in college, don’t let it become your entire life. Amidst the collections of formulas, theories and events you memorize in college, don’t forget to learn the true key to a good life: balance. Balance your academics with your well-being, friends and most importantly your family. College may send you far away from your family, but don’t accept that as a reason to not be involved with your family matters. Avoid spending your college years only focusing on yourself — keep up with your family.

In today’s world of vast technology, there is no reason to ignore your family members. It’s common for many of us to text or call our parents and siblings on a weekly basis, but we need to do more than that. Cell phones and Facebook provide us with an instantaneous opportunity to contact those family members that we may only see on holidays or infrequent family gatherings. Our technology makes it unbelievably easy to contact our family members, so there’s no excuse not to.

If you’re lucky enough to have your grandparents on Facebook, take advantage of it. Send them a message and ask them how they’re doing or fill them in with your college life. We all know our grandparents would love that. It is especially important for people our age to build a strong relationship with their grandparents. We can learn so much from them since they have a completely different outlook on life. It doesn’t matter if you sit down with them at their kitchen table, call them once in awhile or just send them a message, just make communication with them a priority.

Your grandparents are the history of your family. Learn about their life, relationships, regrets, proudest moments and what they think about the world. When we were younger, we viewed our grandparents as the people we would see every once in awhile, who spoiled us with presents or the best-ever brownies. But now we’re older, and we have more to talk about instead of just answering how school has been going. Pull out old photo albums and ask them questions about your family, or learn how to make family recipes. While building these relationships with your entire family is crucial, focus particularly on your grandparents.

Learn early in life that family really is everything. College might currently seem like the most important thing in your life, but your family is still going to be there waiting for you when you’re graduated. Don’t ignore them. We are busy in college, but not so busy that everything else needs to be put on hold. Take an hour or so once a week and plan out how you’re going to balance your week. Too much of anything, even studying, will not do you any good. Get in contact with that family you haven’t seen in awhile and make a plan to visit as soon as the craze of finals is over. Trust me, it will be worth your while.

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