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Possible corruption reveals itself after DNC hacking

“They’re doing it to try to influence the election for Donald Trump,” Hillary Clinton stated during the second presidential debate on Oct. 9. She was referencing the motive behind Russia’s recent interference in this year’s presidential election. Over the last few years, Russia has continuously attempted and succeeded in hacking the U.S. web servers. Through this, they have also gained access to multiple email servers, allowing them to invade private U.S. email accounts that may contain information about the election. So far, it has been discovered that two internationally-recognized websites have posted confidential information about the upcoming national debate.

Not only is the hacking of emails a big deal for the U.S., but it also impacts our future. For one, because Russia has access to the servers, they have a slight interference on the elections. Before this past week, the U.S. government had never before publicly accused Russia of hacking the databases. But in a recent address to the public, President Barack Obama admitted that Russia may be to blame for the servers’ hacking. The Obama administration has also claimed that if Russia continues to interfere in the election, the U.S. will respond with proportional methods.

As Russia has yet to admit to the interference, it is not certain whether or not they are the ones responsible. Due to this, a proportional attack by the U.S would not only be premature, but it would also be detrimental to the working relationship between the U.S. and Russia.

It is no secret that tension and disagreements between the U.S. and Russia have existed and continue to escalate over time. However, it is how both nations react to these disagreements that will matter and have a lasting international effect. As two global superpowers, both the U.S. and Russia have an international responsibility to the safety and security of their global citizens. If Russia and the U.S. were to go to war over their differences, due to the DNC database system hack or simply because the U.S. has sworn to use proportional methods against Russia, the entire globe would be affected.

From another perspective, the reasons behind Russia’s hacking of the DNC may be larger and more systematic than it appears. Donald Trump is currently the only highly publicized political figure who continuously dismisses accusations of Russia’s interference. He has even tried to reject questions of the interference by placing blame on others. In the last presidential debate, Trump said that “it could be anybody” when asked questions about Russia. His public dismissal of Russia’s involvement may speak to larger manipulation than understood.

Trump has often insinuated during his campaigning that while he doesn’t support every one of Vladimir Putin’s political choices, he respects his methods. He has even gone so far as to mention that he respects and prefers Putin to our own president. Could his defensive reasoning be part of a more complex agreement?

Since the beginning of Trump’s campaign, Putin has favored him. We can infer that the two may have a budding compromise in mind. For example, if Putin can somehow secure the presidential election for Trump, we can assume that the favor will be returned in one way or another. Referencing just the events as of late, we can interpret that Trump and Putin have similar political agendas. The strengthening of their relationship may mean a greater manipulation is at play here. As the accusations become more realistic, it might be time to consider that in the hands of the wrong leader, the U.S. government is more corrupt than we’d like to admit. Russia may not be the only nation with secrets to hide.

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