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Embracing humanitarianism

While I don’t agree with every policy recently enacted by our newly elected president, I do believe President Donald Trump has earned some credit. He has signed several executive orders to follow through with the promises he made to the American public during his campaign season. But these orders are not necessarily what we had bargained for in the beginning.

Trump’s executive order banning Muslims from the U.S. has had serious and long-reaching consequences for people all over the world. Not only that, but it sets a bad precedent for both the Trump administration as well as the entire U.S. We are now beginning to recognize that he really is changing America and evolving the nation to be something we are not.

Trump’s presidency thus far has caused severe global contention and concern. The Muslim ban itself is creating a portrayal of the U.S. that is disconnected from who we actually are. Trump’s changes are proving to the world that we are not interested in maintaining our role as a global superpower. Instead, we are demonstrating that we prioritize self-prosperity over the collective good. We are impressing upon other nations that we can shirk global responsibilities to advance our own position.

However, these are not the beliefs that we were created with. Our forefathers did not fight for these negative ideals. We need not dissociate from the global sphere in order to advance our nation. The U.S. is a great nation because we respect and defend the rights of all, rather than the rights of some. We honor the prosperity of all peoples, regardless of their homeland. We must remember that we are better because of our diversity — not in spite of it.

One of the greatest effects of the Muslim ban was the reaction of every other global nation. After hearing about Trump’s plan to create a more isolated United States, several countries around the world rejected this mentality and actually became more globalized as communities. Many nations are now hosting more refugees and accepting other immigrants. In a way, the Muslim ban has had a reverse effect on the world. While the U.S. proceeds with an isolationist agenda, the rest of the global community focuses on humanitarian needs.

This is the way that we succeed as a nation. We must not reject humanitarianism on the basis of self-sufficiency. We have the capacity as a population to host those in need. Lastly, we have a responsibility to remain a place of refuge and opportunity to all global citizens regardless of what any executive order commands.

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