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Executive orders reject the status quo

Ever since the announcement of his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump has been at the forefront of international political discourse. What many global citizens feared was a cruel joke has become a reality: Trump was inaugurated as the president of the United States. He is undeniably an interesting character and thus quickly became a fascinating subject for political analysts’ observation. As we near his second week in office, the world is waiting with bated breath to discover what his next move will be.

Trump’s first week in office brought about an unsurprising global frenzy. In only a few short days, he signed an executive order effectively banning entrance to the U.S. for people from seven Muslim majority countries. The day following his official inauguration, an estimated 470,000 people gathered to partake in the Women’s March on Washington to protest his presidency. What global repercussions can we expect from the end of this week?

It is important to recognize that while his presidential decisions have extreme consequences for both American and foreign citizens, Trump has held up his end of the bargain thus far. During his campaign, he promised to strengthen the vetting process of immigrants and ban peoples from Muslim descent or nationality. This was one of the main pillars of his campaign, in fact. Last week, we were able to watch him fulfill that promise he made to us many months ago.

While we may praise his ability to uphold his word to the public, we should continue to be cautious and consider an ulterior motive. The executive order Trump signed last week banned entrance to people from seven countries alone. But why these seven countries? Why not people from Muslim nationality altogether? While he has come through with the promises he made last year, it appears his approach is both misguided and ill-informed.

Trump’s order also instituted the ban for 90 days, specifically. We may assume that the 90-day order is possibly a waiting period, but we may also question why it was not ordered indefinitely. Sure, the 90-day ban may be some sort of political red tape; as in, we will observe the implications of this decision before a true law is set. However, we can also assume the opposite wherein the ban is a scheme created by Trump to fulfill his own desires that defies the political agenda of the U.S. We must remain questionable during this time of uncertainty. We must not allow ourselves to be further manipulated and misrepresented by those in a position of power. Specifically, those who may have their own plans for America that oppose the morals and sentiments of our national community.

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