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Open access to the entertainment industry

It’s no secret that technology has revolutionized our lives. With the rise of computers, smartphones and the internet, our world is more advanced and interconnected than ever before. One industry that is going through a seismic shift is the entertainment industry. Music and video entertainment technology is becoming more affordable over time. This is going to destroy the barriers of entry in this industry. The evidence for this can be found today.

To achieve mainstream success in the 20th century, you needed to get recognized and given a deal to record and distribute your music. That was the only way for mass audiences to be exposed to you. Today, with relatively cheap recording software and recording equipment, you can release tracks on platforms like YouTube or Soundcloud and people will find it. Justin Bieber was found because he posted videos of himself singing and playing instruments on YouTube. Without this technology, his notoriety would likely be nowhere near what it is today. Hip-hop artist Post Malone recorded his hit song “White Iverson” and released it impulsively on Soundcloud. The next day, big-time artists were sharing his music and he went viral. This led to him getting a record deal with Republic Records and the hit record “Stoney.”

In the film and television industry, many companies are changing up the game. Filmmaking technologies are constantly releasing affordable and professional equipment for indie filmmakers. Most Hollywood productions use cameras from RED or ARRI, which cost around $40,000 to $50,000. However, companies like Blackmagic are releasing cameras with resolutions, sensors and codecs that are comparable to Hollywood’s best cameras.

With these and other filmmaking equipment becoming cheaper, indie filmmakers have the equipment to make films with high production value for a bargain. Online platforms like YouTube or Vimeo allow artists’ work to be viewed by anyone. Actors and directors are being discovered through work they put online. The internet is making it easier to get people to view your portfolio, which leads to more opportunities for artists.

Barriers of entry being lifted doesn’t necessarily lead to immediate quality from the platforms. Since anyone can post online, the internet will be saturated with low-quality content, but the competition for originality will lead to better content overall. In addition, some people just like to make videos for fun. If you used to do this, imagine being able to make professional videos for you and your friends. In the end, it’s not just those who want to make it in the business — even hobbyists benefit from the innovation.

Innovation in these fields is going to revolutionize how we produce content. With the barriers to entry eliminated, success in that business can shift from a who-you-know business into a what-you-know business. I think there will be some bumps along the road, but in the end, we will all be better off. Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Lil Pump, Lil Dicky, Skrillex, Lil Yatchy and many more are just the beginning of people finding an audience on the internet, and being able to produce content for very little cost.

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