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You should write for the Maine Campus this year

I think that anyone who has been enrolled in college over these past few pandemic-ridden years can agree – it’s been a weird time. Whether it’s true or just a result of way too much reflection and sit-still anxiety, our education feels diluted, clouded by awkward Zoom calls and muffled masked lectures. There’s a universal sense of frustration, fatigue and irritability. I myself am entering my final year of college feeling wholly unprepared for the professional world that awaits me after graduation this May. 

This begs the question, is there anything we can do to make things better? To keep ourselves submerged in the college culture while also keeping ourselves safe? To prepare ourselves for internships, jobs and the terrifying title of “adult” that is constantly hanging over our heads? The answer is yes, and it lies right here at the Maine Campus. 

The Maine Campus is the student newspaper here at the University of Maine and we are hiring for the 2021-22 academic year. The Maine Campus is looking for students to fill contribution positions within the opinion, culture, sports and news sections. If writing for a section doesn’t seem like a good fit, you can also apply to be a Copy Editor or a Photographer for the paper. 

There is something for everyone here at the Maine Campus, and there is a lot to gain by getting involved. First and foremost, it is the perfect environment for your writing skills to flourish in. Writing skills are an important quality when considering hireability, and yet, college grads over the recent years seem to be dropping the ball in this court. The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) has published data exploring college graduate readiness for professional settings where they found that hiring leaders say writing skills are one of the biggest gaps in professional readiness. An analysis of job advertisements has also found that writing and communication skills are among the most requested job requirements across every discipline. 

In case you are wondering if it’s really important to be prepared for the workforce – it is. Another study found that 53% of college graduates are either unemployed or are working jobs that do not require bachelor degrees; additionally, it takes college grads on average three to six months after graduation to secure employment.

This information is not intended to scare you, but rather to present you with an opportunity to grow your skill, to stick out among other applicants, advocate for your own goals and abilities and in the meantime, take back some of those missed opportunities over the recent years. At a college newspaper, especially one that is completely student-run like the Maine Campus, you are able to build these important skills among the companionship and leadership of your peers. 

We are all learning here at the Maine Campus; we’re all taking steps to improve ourselves and those around us through interacting with the greater UMaine community and each other. In the meantime, we get to interact with some really great people and produce something that we can all be proud of. So do yourself a favor and come join the team! 

For more information on applying see the Maine Campus website or check out our Instagram at @themainecampus.

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