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Reflections from the Maine Campus class of 2022

In a couple of weeks, the University of Maine’s class of 2022 will embark on a new journey. The graduating students will commence their post-college life with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom acquired from their years at UMaine. Graduation can elicit a multitude of emotions – joy, accomplishment, nostalgia, sadness, apprehension and anticipation – but here at the Maine Campus we want you all to know we’re rooting for you regardless. 

This graduating class has endured some of the most unprecedented times in the university’s history, and overcoming them alone is an impressive feat. Moving forward, know you all have a unique skill set that will carry you into success whatever your next endeavor may be. 

You’ve survived remote learning, COVID-19 policies, social distancing and the overall uncertainty presented by the pandemic, and your willingness to continue with your education against these hardships will reward you in the future. 

We wish you the best and hope you always remember you have a community of Black Bears to support you when needed. UMaine has prepared you well, and now it is your turn to embrace the unknown. 

As for the students remaining, those of us graduating here at the Maine Campus have a few parting words of advice for you as you finish your time here at UMaine:

“Get involved. If you have an interest, there’s probably a club for it. Find out when they meet, and just show up.” 

“Don’t worry about what other people think.” 

“Put yourself out there. Try new things. Talk to new people.”

“Take your time.”

“Everyone is weird in college. Be yourself, and you’ll find your people.” 

“There are so many opportunities for funding or scholarships. If you don’t know where to look, ask your department or advisor.”

“Get to know your teachers. A lot of them are super cool, and they can help you with future job opportunities and networking.” 

“Major in something you are passionate about. I promise you, it will be so rewarding.” 

“Don’t be afraid to do stuff alone. Seek out opportunities. This is your time for personal growth.

“Expect that you will leave this school a different person.” 

College is not one exam you pass or fail – it’s a series of tests that challenge you to grow. You cannot learn without making mistakes, and you cannot make mistakes if you do not push yourself out of your comfort zone. There are highs and there are lows, and both serve as equally important steps in helping to shape you into the greatest version of yourself. 

To all students of UMaine, in the remaining days of the semester, prioritize what matters most to you. Cherish every moment, and be deliberate with your time. Be it studying for finals, celebrating with friends or volunteering on Maine Day – enjoy yourself and be proud of making it to where you are today. 

As we learned through the pandemic, community and perseverance will get us through anything. The Maine Campus is beyond proud of all students at this university and wishes everyone a great end of the semester and upcoming summer. Congratulations to the graduating class of 2022, and best of luck to all UMaine students in the years to come.


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