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UMaine women’s and men’s track and field kicks off season

The men’s and women’s track and field teams started the spring season this weekend. The teams split, heading to the UConn Northeast Invitational and the Providence College Invitational. 

 In the men’s 100m, second-year Cole Martin got 12th, second-year Josh Sewell got 19th, and fourth-year Ben Cotton got 47th. First-year Luke Patterson got 6th in the Men’s Decathlon 100m and 10th in the 110m hurdles.

 In the 200m, first-year Andrew Card got 28th, Sewell got 33rd, and Cotton got 48th. In the 400m, Card snagged 10th, first-year Miles Gay got 15th and first-year Spencer Stadnicki got 31st. 

 Patterson got second place in both the 400 and 1500-meter decathlon. Patterson had the two best results for the Black Bears in the invitational. The following best result came from third-year Connor Michaud, a second-place result in the 400-meter hurdles. 

 Many members of the men’s team set personal records this weekend. In the men’s 800m, first-years Matt Firlings and Eli Palmer set personal records. Firlings finished in 19th, and Palmer finished in 25th. In the men’s 1500m, third-year James Fahey got a season-best, finishing 27th. First-year Jacob Robinson-Smey came in 29th, and first-year Jack Burns in 34th. 

First-year Harrison Grenier got third in the men’s 5000m. First-year Kyle McClellan came in 9th. 

In the discus throw, fourth-year Jared Pierce came in 7th, and fourth-year Jonathan Prell came in 11th. Fourth-year Marek Veal came in 12th, first-year Maxim Kruk came in 13th, and third-year Ryker Brown came in 18th. In the Decathlon Discus Throw, Patterson got 17th. 

 In the men’s hammer throw, third-year Gavin McGarrity got a personal record and 6th place. Prell came in 15th, and Brown in 20th. In the decathlon high jump, Patterson got 11th, and in the javelin throw, Patterson got 15th. In the long jump, first-year Conor Morin came in 16th, Cotton in 24th, and second-year Andrew Abelon in 29th.  

Patterson came in 13th in the decathlon long jump with 6.24m. Second-year Evan Russo came in 8th in the pole vault with 4.31m. In the decathlon pole vault, Patterson came in 14th with 3.10m. 

Prell grabbed 4th and a season’s best in men’s shot put. In the triple jump, first-year Morin got a personal best. Pierce came in 15th, Veal in 17th, and Kurk in 28th. In the decathlon shot put, Patterson got 18th with 8.38m. In the triple jump, fourth-year Will Murphy got 8th for 14.16m; Morin got a personal best and 10th with 14.12m. 

 In the 4x400m relay, one of the groups got a season’s best. The group consisted of Cotton, fifth-year Ralph Cruz, Martin and Sewell. 

For the women’s team, fourth-year Darcy Cochran came in 27th with a time of 15.56, and third-year Erika Lawson got a time of 15.68, putting her in 29th. In the 100m Hurdles Heptathlon, first-year Athena Cusson got 15th with 17.11, and fourth-year Eliza McPhee got 18.99 and 17th place.

McPhee snagged 3rd, and Cusson got 5th in the Heptathlon Javelin throw. 

In the 200m, fourth-year Kelcie Horst came in 29th at 25.93. In the Heptathlon 200m, Cusson came in 9th with a 26.70, and McPhee came in 17th with a time of 32.08. First-year Brianna Harriman came in 23rd in the 800m. In the Heptathlon 800m Cussion came in 13th.

In the 1500m, first-year Taylor King came in 28th and a personal best, and fourth-year Alexa Brennan came in 29th with a season-best. Fourth-year Maya Hannagan came in 41st, and first-year Meredith Walters came in 43rd. 

Fourth-year Jaymie Sidaway got 8th in the 5000m. Hunnewell-Dunphe came in 24th with 32.35m. Fifth-year Mackenzie Wilson got a personal best and 1st place in the women’s hammer throw. Third-year Elania Panagakos came in 24th with 44.46m, and Hunnewell-Dunphe in 35th with 39.35m.

In the heptathlon high jump, Cusson got 7th with 1.53m, and McPhee in 10th with 1.50m. In the Javelin throw, McPhee came in 3rd with 33.54m, and Cusson in 5th with 32.79m. Third-year Sonya Rybalko came in 22nd with 5.16m in the long jump. 

In the shot put, Panagakos came in 23rd with 11.71. First-year Julia Bassi has a season’s best, grabbing 31st, and  Hunnewell-Dunphe has a 33rd and a season’s best. In the heptathlon Shot Put, McPhee came in 8th with 9.22m, and Cusson came in 17th with 7.29m

Lawson had a 12th-place finish and a season’s best in the triple jump. In the women’s 4x100m relay, fifth-year Amelia Concannon, fourth-year Chenille Eccleston, fourth-year Darcy Cochran, and Horst. In the 4x400m relay, they got 13th and a season’s best, Concannon, Horst, first-year Cassidy Novicka, and first-year Toni Vaillancourt. 

Fifth-year Luke Marsanskis got first place in the 5000m run at the Providence College Invitational. First-year Adam Bendetson got 21st. Second-year Logan Ross was 23rd. Second-year Connor Daigle was 27th. Fifth-year Lucas Bergeron got 31st, and first-year Jared Fortenberry grabbed 37th. 

In the women’s 800m run, first-year Addison Nelson got 33rd. In the women’s 5000m run, fourth-year Marlee Yoder got 11th, and fourth-year Lydia Gilmore got 13th. 

The men’s and women’s teams will head to the College of the Holy Cross next weekend, April 20. 

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