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Comment Policy

The Maine Campus strongly encourages its readers to submit engaging, thoughtful, and relevant content to stories not only on our website, but on our Social Media accounts as well. We encourage all readers to engage with our content beyond viewing. It is understood that in order to create such a space for readers to positively and effectively engage with one another, we must create policies to ensure such a space remains available.

The Maine Campus requires that all commenters are using true and accurate social media accounts to create their comments. Should an individual be found to not be using such an account, their comments and potentially ability to comment will be removed.

When a comment is submitted, the name and email address provided, and your public facing social media profile may be made available to the Maine Campus staff. This information is never shared nor made public.

Comments will be removed if:

  • They contain hate speech (including speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation).
  • They contain obscene, suggestive, vulgar, profane (including insinuated profanity using dashes or asterisks), threatening, disrespectful, defamatory or libelous language.
  • They do not relate to the article (including spam, commercial promotion and incoherence).
  • They are written by a commenter who continually comments on the same story without adding anything new to the discussion.
  • They include personal attacks on reporters
  • They are longer than 200 words. If you feel strongly about an issue, we recommend submitting a full Op-Ed or a Letter to the Editor.

The Maine Campus strives to be as consistent as possible in moderation efforts, however, this not always possible in all decisions. All final decisions are subjective and are the decision of our moderators and/or Editor in Chief. The Maine Campus reserves the right to reject or delete any comment, or disable commenting, for any reason.

(Comment Policy adapted from the Bowdoin Orient. July 2017)

Privacy Policy

The Maine Campus collects anonymous data (such as your IP address, browser type, general geographic location, etc.) using Google Analytics, WordPress Analytics, and other like software. We collect email addresses through commenting, social media campaigns, and opt-in mailing lists. The Maine Campus does not sell or distribute any analytic or personally identifiable data. Should you choose to unsubscribe from any of our opt-in mailing lists, the Maine Campus will discontinue sending content, however, we may retain your address for archival records. Any information or analytics that are used for promotional purposes will be represented in aggregate data and will not be identifiable as an individual identity.

Questions regarding our Comment Policy and/or Privacy policy can be directed to the Business Manager.

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