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“Not recommended for the wimpy:” Thai 2 Go in Bangor

Rating: A+

A sign, “World’s Best Drunken Noodles Served Here,” that hangs from the exterior of local restaurant Thai 2 Go, entices customers in. And if that doesn’t do it, then the spicy and sweet smells coming from the kitchen out back will be enough.

The happy-go-lucky looking building is quaint, inside and out. The bright red, vintage bike out front, the authentic shape of the front windows and the sweet red “Thai Food” signs, complete with elephants on them, tie the whole place together, and give this restaurant a kick of individuality.

Once inside, there isn’t much elbow room. There are a few items of interest hanging on the walls such as a Panama hat, hand fans and Thai currency, offering you a small but significant look into the culture of the owner’s homeland.

The menu is surprisingly large, offering many different options at reasonable prices. Any kind of noodle and meat mixture that could be thought of they have thought of it. From the green curry, which has broccoli, peas, bell peppers and basil with your choice of meat, to something inventively named the “sobbing princess,” a shrimp and chicken dish served over steamed veggies with a homemade spicy sauce. In the menu beneath the description of the “sobbing princess,” it reads “not recommended for the wimpy”.

“Not recommended for the wimpy” is a great way to describe Thai 2 Go’s drunken noodles as well. Thai 2 Go’s “famous” drunken noodles start with perfectly boiled rice noodles, which are mixed with an abundance of vegetables and other necessities that make this spicy pasta dish perfect. Mixed in with this dish is pan-seared chicken, chopped fried eggs, white onions — sautéed to perfection — thinly-sliced small carrots, chopped celery, basil and scallions. Not a single other amenity could have been added to this dish to improve it because the dish was already complete, but if it’s believable, the best is yet to come.

The sauce in the menu was described as the “house spicy sauce,” a description that doesn’t do it justice. The waiter gave the option of a spice level between one and five, one being mild and five being hottest. One was hot enough, so if you choose five, you better be getting a fire extinguisher for a side dish. But the important part is that it wasn’t just spice; it had a smoky feeling that could make taste buds dance. Add this to the veggies and rice noodles and you have drunken noodles tasty enough to give you a buzz.

Getting past the underwhelming outside of the building, this restaurant far exceeded expectations. The people were friendly and the food was exceptional. Drunken noodles, a famous dish, are a must try and, the next day, they taste even better cold.

Thai 2 Go is located in Downtown Bangor on 40 Broadway Street and is open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily.

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