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Paddy Murphy’s in Bangor provides community and comfort

The heart of downtown Bangor is host to many different restaurants and pubs. Located on Main Street, Paddy Murphy’s is a traditional Irish diner and pub that invites guests with a warm, sincere atmosphere, whether it be for the experience of dining out or participating in the various events hosted.

Paddy Murphy’s was founded in 2007, and John Dobbs is the restaurant’s current owner. The restaurant’s history can be traced back to the historic significance of the building it occupies. The current location of 26 Main St. was first constructed by physician John Mason in 1833. In 1875, ownership was given to the Caldwell Sweet Company, otherwise known as Sweet Market, which closed its doors in 2006.

Being an Irish pub location, Paddy Murphy’s menu offers classic Irish stouts like Guinness as well as other drafts. Many alcoholic menu items are provided by other local companies, including the Orono Brewing Company’s Tubular I.P.A.’s, Geaghan Bros, and Smiling Irish Bastard, among other options from Blaze’s Brewing Company, Allagash and Atlantic Brewing. Visitors can taste various of the Bangor area’s breweries, all offered in one location.

Paddy Murphy’s offers a great selection of top-shelf burgers, such as the Quebec Bburger and the Paddy’s Melt. They also have hand-cut sandwiches such as Paddy’s grilled cheese and open Reuben. Being a Bangor restaurant wouldn’t be complete without other items like haddock tacos and salmon alfredo.

The most popular menu choices at Paddy Murphy’s are richly diverse. Some menu alternatives include salads such as butternut squash and grilled Romaine hearts, Hungarian mushroom soup, cottage pie and clam chowder

Jennifer Gerghia, who has been with the company for over a decade, is the head server and upcoming manager at Paddy Murphy. The overall atmosphere of Paddy’s has always been both very welcoming and engaging, with frequent returning customers and new guests alike.

“I’ve been here for 13 years now, and this is the best place I’ve ever worked,” said Gerghia.

Paddy Murphy’s allows individuals to rent out space upstairs for various activities, whether private parties during the holiday season, weddings or other related events. Booking an event in the upstairs location also allows guests a perfect view of the iconic West Market Square.

“We can fit 25 people up there comfortably for a meal if they want to sit down, but we’ve had upwards of 100 people up there just mingling and having drinks and hanging out with each other,” said Gerghia.

Daily activities at Paddy Murphy’s allow people to visit and experience the comforting and vibrant atmosphere, as well as provide a worthy reason to revisit on a frequent basis.

On Sunday afternoons, Paddy’s hosts live music on guitar or fiddle. Karaoke takes place Monday nights at 8:30. On Tuesday nights, they host live Irish music from local bands, and on Thursday nights, they host live jazz sessions. Some of the local bands that have played at Paddy’s in the past include the Lucky Stars and Smoked Salmon. The pub also hosts dedicated trivia nights on Wednesdays with a $2 entry fee, with the winner receiving the entire pot.

Paddy Murphy’s will host special events throughout the year, with the crown jewel of events being held on St. Patrick’s Day. The restaurant will open at 6:00 a.m., and live music is held all day until closure at 1 a.m. Special food and draft offerings are made available to celebrate the holiday and Irish heritage.

The captivating spirit of Paddy Murphy’s is hard to pass up, whether for its regulars or visitors who choose to dine in and enjoy the various food, Irish drafts and daily activities offered. Whether celebrating Irish heritage on St. Patrick’s Day or getting together with family and friends during the holiday season, Paddy Murphy’s remains a hub of connection throughout the year.

Evan Soucy

“People seem to leave happy here all the time. It’s very nice to be able to converse with people and find out other people’s life stories and ask how their kids are because we’ve seen some babies in here that have grown up,” said Gerghia.

Paddy Murphy’s is open from 11 a.m. to 12-1 a.m. every day.

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