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Geaghan’s pub opens up new options and opportunities

Geaghan’s Pub & Craft Brewery is a highly popular restaurant located in Bangor, Maine known for its tasty meals, craft brews and distinct Irish flair. The recent addition of a beer garden was constructed and completed on July 1, 2022 as a way to give customers the flexibility of outdoor dining.

The restaurant itself was first founded in 1975 by John and Arline Geaghan. Formerly known as John Geaghan’s Roundhouse Restaurant, it is located along the side of the Penobscot River. In 1983, it was taken over by its current owner and family member, Peter Geaghan. Peter has been working in the family business since its inception.

Geaghan’s is well known for its wide variety of menu options. When taking a glance at their selection of appetizers, customers can choose either bone-in chicken wings or boneless chicken wings with an assortment of flavors such as mild or honey mustard. Other appetizers include quesadillas and onion rings, not forgetting their Irish nachos, which consist of thickly-cut potato slices with sour cream topped with bacon bits and cheese sauce.

Entree selections include a vast array of meals, ranging from classic grilled pub burgers and chicken served with pub fries to salad or chowder. The smoked pastrami melt in particular is blanketed with smoked Gouda cheese, with the addition of grilled onions and the very exclusive Bangor Brown mustard. The mustard itself is available to purchase separately and is produced by Raye’s Mustard Mill located in Eastport. Geaghan’s has had a long-standing tradition to work or collaborate with local businesses first and foremost. 

The official website for Geaghan’s Pub & Craft Brewery provides a full menu and the ability to order online for pickup at their location. This allows for the customers who are not able to dine in but still want the choice to enjoy the wide selection of dishes and alcohol at home. Whatever the instance may be, the staff and employees will pleasantly serve whatever you may need.

“My favorite part is the sense of community. It’s a great work environment and I love my co-workers,” a server at the restaurant said.

Geaghan’s is arguably most beloved for its special craft beers above all else. The restaurant first started brewing back in 2011 and it has become an inseparable aspect of the business. Some noteworthy brews include the Smiling Irish and Bangor Brown plus many more. Geaghan’s is also home to The Mug Club, a special group of enthusiasts who get to try new releases from the Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company before they go public. They also get access to special deals on craft beer, among other benefits.

Geaghan’s Pub & Craft Brewery recently finished its new beer garden back in the summer of this year. Beer gardens have their roots in Southern Germany and are typically defined as outdoor areas in which craft brews and dishes are served to guests. 

“Society’s changed to gravitate towards outdoor spaces. I wouldn’t even say the vast majority prefer it, but the vast majority of people appreciate the option,” Peter Geaghan said. 

The location of Geaghan’s Pub & Craft Brewery also allows guests to park their cars and walk to the nearby concert stadium, the Maine Savings Amphitheater. This makes Geaghan’s a rather attractive location for people to grab a drink before or after a concert show. The new beer garden will allow guests the flexibility of mobility. The beer garden is also an attractive spot for local music acts.

When asked about the possibility of renting the beer garden for private parties, Geaghan stated that it may not always be used for that instance, but the option is certainly there. One of the main uses for the beer garden is when there’s an overflow of customers. Geaghan’s Pub & Craft Brewery gets particularly busy on Thursday nights, Friday nights and weekends, so the extra room can be used for guests depending on the weather. 

Above all else, Geaghan’s Pub & Craft Brewery values its employees and its customers. The craft beer, dishes and Irish-rooted atmosphere makes this restaurant location a beloved diner among Bangor and Brewer residents.

Having been in business for 47 years, the struggles are many. What I remember most is through them all, our community, staff and business partners stuck with us. Without their support, we would not be in business today,” Geaghan said.


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