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Restaurant Review: For all your Mexican food cravings, turn to Miguel’s

Grade: B+

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, lots of UMaine students are scoping out where to treat their loved ones to dinner this week. With a number of tasty choices in the area, agreeing on a cuisine can be hard. Mexican food is undeniably a popular choice, but Chipotle does not provide the romance that a sit-down restaurant offers. Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant on the Hogan Road is a good compromise.

I made the trek to Bangor and arrived at Miguel’s at around 6:30 p.m. last Wednesday night. The place was pretty packed, but as a party of two we got sat in a booth immediately. The décor is undoubtedly Americanized  Mexican, but charming nonetheless. Chips and salsa were provided almost immediately and proved delicious. The chips were warm and crisp and the salsa was flavorful but not too spicy.

Drinks were ordered and served relatively quickly. Miguel’s offers a wide array of alcoholic options, ranging from beer, wine, cocktails and smoothies. No Mexican restaurant is complete without a few tequila and margarita options and Miguel’s doesn’t disappoint. I personally steered clear because I anticipated a full night of studying ahead of me, but for anyone looking to get a little tipsy with dinner, Miguel’s is a solid bet.

One of the biggest perks of Miguel’s is the sheer size of the menu. Appetizers, soups, salads, quesadillas, tacos, fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, dinners, sandwiches and desserts galore, this place has all of your Mexican food cravings covered. Miguel’s has a lot to offer, complete with daily specials and a children’s menu. The price range for most items is around $15, give or take some extras. Most entrée options also come with refried beans, Miguel’s Spanish rice and sour cream.

After weighing my options for a solid five minutes, I was leaning toward trying out the chimitas as a starter. Our waiter informed us that nachos were half off on Wednesdays, which threw a wrench in my plan. I decided to treat myself, so both chimitas and a small portion of nachos were chosen. Both proved delicious and our plates were licked clean.

Choosing an entrée was equally difficult with so many enticing options. My waiter was happy to suggest the grilled fish tacos and who was I to disagree? My boyfriend Jordan opted for the enchiladas mole, enticed by the description of a “rich, dark, hot, but sweet Oaxaca-style mole sauce.” Our chips and salsa supply was replenished and we continued to happily gorge ourselves as we waited for our main course.

The mood of the restaurant was relaxed and many patrons appeared to be seasoned regulars, joking and catching up with the bartender and wait staff. While perhaps not the classiest joint in Bangor, Miguel’s didn’t disappoint in its welcoming nature and we certainly felt right at home.

Just as we began feeling full, our meals were served piping hot and ready to eat. The food is undeniably delicious and the portion sizes could easily fill up two people. The fish tacos were tasty and refreshing and no pesky little bones were in sight. Jordan’s mole sauce lived up to its infamous description and we were admittedly smitten with our dishes.

Overall, Miguel’s is a hit for any Mexican food lovers who want an upgrade from Mexican fast food like Chipotle or Taco Bell. The service is slow, but undeniably friendly. And there are chips and salsa on hand to tide you over while you wait. You certainly get your money’s worth of food and it’s impossible to leave hungry. The pricing is reasonable and it’s easy to see that Miguel’s has the college student in mind when targeting its clientele. So, if your sweetheart is craving Mexican food this Valentine’s Day, Miguel’s will fill your bellies without breaking the bank.

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