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#YouMaine: From California with love; Delaney Love is a jack of all trades

Delaney Love is driven to succeed. From a young age, she has been prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to get through life and hone her many crafts. Love, a 20-year-old third-year journalism and media studies student, is ahead of her peers. She is currently working for The Maine Autism Society and is working towards becoming the lead manager at the New Balance Student Recreation Center.

At a young age, Love moved from California, where she was born, to Maine with her mother and siblings. Growing up with few resources, she had to push herself in order to succeed. At age twelve, she got herself into John Bapst, a private high school in Bangor, securing her own rides, teaching herself what would look good on a resume and getting involved in extracurricular activities to stand out and make the most of her time.

Because she came from a different background, Love struggled to fit in at Bapst. She had to push herself twice as hard, completing AP classes and getting involved with the arts, such as acting and singing. By the time she graduated, she had been accepted into many of her schools of choice. Due to the financial aid package she received and its close proximity to home, she decided to attend the University of Maine.

“I couldn’t dream of leaving the state, let alone the county,” Love said. So, she took out some loans and moved into the dorms.

Upon moving to campus, Love got to work right away. She started working at the New Balance Student Recreation Center and has been working there ever since, moving up the ranks. She has recently applied to be the lead manager. It was through the New Balance Student Recreation Center that she found like-minded people, driven to do their best.

“Some of the best people I know work in the Rec,” Love said. “They’re so driven and have sacrificed a lot too. It’s also just a fun community to be a part of.”

She has also been able to find work using her studies. Love also works with Black Bear Insider, utilizing her video and broadcasting skills. She is also proud of her work for the Autism Society of Maine, using her role to spread awareness and educate others about people who are on the spectrum. She takes it upon herself to raise awareness and share stories with people. Her brother has grown up with autism, and she values the opportunity to share his story. While her agenda is full much of the time, any free time she has is spent supporting her family; Love sacrificed a lot to get where she is, but never forgets where she came from.

Love is a jack of all trades. When she sets her mind to something, there is little that can get in the way of her drive.

She seeks to continue to work in public relations and wants to connect with as many people as possible. Her dream job is to be the manager of a record label and work in the music industry. In the meantime, however, she’s going to finish up her last couple of semesters and take some time for herself.

“I need time to just do me. I missed out on a regular childhood and once all this is said and done I think I’ll have earned time for myself,” Love said. She is on schedule to graduate in May.

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