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Pencil in Margaritas trivia night for your Tuesday plans

Every Tuesday from 9 to 10 p.m. Margaritas Mexican Restaurant on Mill St. in Orono hosts a trivia night. With new topics every week, Margaritas provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy dinner and drinks accompanied by a competitive game that engages the whole restaurant.

Front doors lock to avoid any new guests entering in the middle of the game, so be present before 9 p.m. to secure a spot in the restaurant for trivia. 

Before the game begins, the tables are given a chance to come up with a team name, which is then given to the game’s officiator. The teams are also given a sheet of paper where they will be able to write their final answers to the questions once the game begins. They will announce the topic of the questions at this time.

The game was well organized and easy to follow along. The officiator of the game asks questions related to that night’s topic, then teams are given a certain amount of time to discuss the question amongst themselves. Teams write their final answer on the sheet of paper that was handed to them at the beginning of the game, and at the end of the event, these papers are passed in. The points are added up and the winner is announced the same night. 

This past Tuesday, the topic of trivia night was Ireland. The questions were relatively difficult and seemed very black and white in a “you either know them or you don’t” type of way. Without having previous knowledge of the topic, coming up with a reasonable answer or educated guess was unobtainable for the most part. Some people may have found that this took away from the competitive edge of the game, however, it also had a tendency to strike up good conversations within the teams and helped encourage everyone on the team to put their minds together and come up with the answers.

Although it was not allowed, there was no system put in place to deter people from using their phones to search for the answers. Based on observation however, the honor code seemed well respected amongst the teams playing. 

Drinks and food can be ordered throughout the entirety of the event. While there are specials on Tuesdays including $3 regular margaritas and $6 appetizers, they are only available from 3 to 6 p.m. and will have ended before trivia night begins.

For more information regarding Specials and Events at the Margarita’s in Orono visit their website at or call them at (207)-866-4863.

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