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‘Anything Goes:’ a podcast changing cultural stigmas

Emma Chamberlain is a familiar name for most college students. She is originally known for her hilarious Youtube videos. But like many of us she has now grown up.. In doing so, Chamberlain has created an increasingly successful podcast called “Anything Goes.” The podcast covers hot topics like mental health and relationships, as well as covers things that not enough people talk about.

“Anything Goes” also brings up topics that are unexpected in the best way possible. A great example is from June 16 in the episode ‘making a comfortable space,” in which Chamberlain gives advice on creating a comfortable space for yourself, or a physical safe space. Chamberlain strives to define what a comfortable space looks like in this episode and speaks from experience about how crucial it is to have a space to retreat to. Chamberlain talks about how it is a lot more detailed than just a space and that the most important details are the aspects of you. She stresses that mentally it is worth it and important to make your current environment comfortable for you. 

With school being back in session, there are certain expectations and duties hovering mercilessly in the air. Chamberlain shares some valuable advice in one episode titled “back to school.” In the 60 minute episode, she covers a topic that certainly resonates with many students in high school or college, as well as those post graduation. She talks about everything, from the morning lack of motivation and class-related anxiety to finding the right friends at school. The episode gives a comforting “big-sister-advice” feeling. 

“Going to school every day is a mini success. Every single day that you show up to school and do your best is something to be literally celebrated,.” Chamberlain said. Her podcast’s popularity has come from the fact that she talks about the difficult things that young people constantly struggle with. She creates a safe talking space and creates the notion that it is okay to feel a certain way. Chamberlain validates many people’s feelings, and that is not something easily done.

With her easy, laid-back demeanor and friendly tone, she comes off as non-judgemental, allowing for a sense of reassurance to flows easily within the podcast.“Anything Goes” is a unique and refreshing podcast because it doesn’t aim to aggressively motivate people to a point where it causes extreme stress. The podcast doesn’t tell you that you need to change your diet or be more motivated. Having struggled with mental health herself, Chamberlain has personal insight on all of these topics and the way she approaches them is in a way that everyone can relate to. 

A popular quote from Chamberlain’s podcast nicely sums up her attitude.

“The second that you stop getting in your own way, and you’re kind to yourself, and you’re graceful with yourself, it’s crazy to see how you blossom and what you can find out,” Chamberlain said. 

The “Anything Goes” podcast releases a new episode every Thursday and is available for listening on any streaming service.

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