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Swedish House Mafia: An era of house music

Swedish House Mafia has been in the house music genre for years. The genre of house music is popular among college students and Swedish House Mafia sits at the apex. Their group includes Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Steve Angello. They are widely known for their popular track “Don’t You Worry Child” that was released in 2012 and dominated the radio stations for a long time. They have won multiple Grammys and MTV awards. 

The Swedish house music group just came back on the scene once again with their fairly recent album “Paradise Again.” Released in April of this year, the album has some very progressive tracks and a couple of extremely underrated ones as well. 

House music is a form of electronic dance music, or EDM, that seems to have become an extremely popular music genre for members of Gen Z. House music can be traced way back to the 1980s when simple, quick and dance-beat tempos played in nightclubs, but it seems that in the past decade house music has taken root and complexified itself. 

There are many house categories now such as tropical house that often features steel drums, or deep house that involves beats you can feel reverberating through your chest. The appeal of house music is a curious thing. There are a couple theories on why people enjoy it so much. One is that the deep tempo mocks our heart beats, and the faster tempos coax our bodies to increase respiratory activity and heart rate until it becomes intoxicating. Another theory is that the build-up and then the ensuing beat drops mimic reward systems in our bodies and influences the release of dopamine, creating that euphoric feel. Swedish House Mafia has managed to exploit that feel with their new album.

Their new song “Heaven Takes You Home” has about 85 million streams on Spotify and it is easy to see why. Similar to “Don’t You Worry Child,” it is a feel-good house song that makes you want to toss your head back and dance. If you decide to listen to any song on the album, this is the number one song you should listen to. It is sorely underrated and if you are looking for a bit of euphoria in your life, this is the song for you. 

“Moth To A Flame” featuring The Weeknd has been the top song on the album with about 430 million streams on Spotify. This track is lighter house and more pop-house EDM. 

The album is surprisingly diverse in the types of house it has on it. In contrast to the other tracks the song “Mafia” would probably be considered deep-house. The beats are repetitive and dark, giving it an intimidating feel, while the beat pulses in a bassy tenor.

Overall, the album “Paradise Again” is one of the best house albums released this year and has all types of house music included on its list, making it an impressive and incredibly well-done album.


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