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Love is in the air, Black Bears!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there are many events happening on campus in celebration of the day of love. Valentine’s Day is not just for those with a significant other, but for everyone to celebrate their love for friends, family and themselves. 

The University of Maine Center for Student Involvement has been having exciting events leading up to Valentine’s Day. They held a “cookie and card-decorating” event, a “Things U Love Trivia” event, as well as a “Bestie Vibes Only” event in appreciation for all of the dynamic duos out there. Valentine’s Day is truly for everyone and a day to show appreciation and love for yourself as well as others around you. 

Another extremely exciting event that is going on until Feb. 13 is “Carnations and Crushes” hosted by the sorority sisters of Pi Beta Phi. How it works: for a donation of $5 you can have flowers, chocolates and a note delivered to any person of your choice. Too shy to go up to your crush in person? Send a carnation and you can choose to remain anonymous to the receiver. But there is a catch! For an extra donation, the receiver can unveil who the sender is. Additionally, the women of Pi Beta Phi will hand-deliver the gifts to the recipient’s door. What better way to ask someone to be your Valentine? The recipient is bound to be ecstatic. 

“Carnations and Crushes is not only a lot of fun for us, but a great way to show someone you care for them on Valentine’s Day. You can send one to a friend, someone special, or whoever you would like within the Orono area!” said Sabrina Morro, a member of the Pi Beta Phi Sorority. 

Not only is this a fun idea for a way to ask someone to be your valentine, but the donation proceeds go towards an amazing cause. All donations will go to the Pi Beta Phi Foundation’s Literacy Fund that benefits Read > Lead > Achieve, a program that promotes more literate children, and eventually society, through reading. To place an order, the website is

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day is completely up to you, but some mentionworthy ideas are having a galentine’s day with friends, or a celebration with friends in general. A night of pajamas and rom-coms with friends is never a bad idea. Another fun idea that has been trending on social media could be charcuterie board making. All you need is a cutting board and an array of delicacies that you enjoy. This could include whatever your heart may desire. 

If you prefer something more low-key, a show of appreciation for yourself is always a great idea to show love for yourself on Valentine’s Day. This could mean taking a morning yoga class, journaling, or simply taking time out of your day to say some affirmations to yourself or meditate quietly. Our bodies and minds do a lot for us and we deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back!

Mindfulness is also a great practice on Valentine’s Day because there are some people dealing with big life battles this year. The patients at St. Jude Children’s Hospital are facing those big life battles at this time, so St. Jude is offering an opportunity for anyone with internet access to write an Ecard to a current patient. Words of encouragement and strength go a long way in helping the children through their journey with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. It only takes about five minutes to click the link and send a card. 

Valentine’s Day this year may look different for everyone, but there are plenty of opportunities to show love and support in different ways. However you choose, this holiday is for everyone and anyone! Love is in the air this week, so let us show support and kindness to those around us always.


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