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Still Woozy is the feel-good music you are looking for

Still Woozy is an artful and spacey music artist who has produced many high-spirited and feel-good tracks over the years, launching him into stardom. With over 5 million listeners on Spotify every month, he has created a type of pop that no other band or artist has executed quite as well. 

Sven Eric Gamsky, better known by his alias Still Woozy is the main singer and songwriter. His soft, light-hearted voice is beautiful amid the psychedelic beats and lyrics. Still Woozy is still heavily indie but has reached listeners far beyond that genre. 

Songs such as “Cooks”, “Goodie Bag”, and “Lucy” are some of the most listened to and continue to be extremely popular through the years. Their beats are incredibly catchy with deep drums and soft voice notes. “Goodie Bag” also has a beautiful mixture of drums and guitar with an electronic twist that keeps it indie but different than what anyone is used to. The song also features Gamsky’s higher-pitched vocals that make the song have immaculate vibes that you just want to space-out to. 

The album covers for his single songs “Lucy”, “Pool”, “Kenny”, “Rocky”, “BS”, “Window”, “Habit”, “Goodie Bag”, “Cooks” and “Vacation” all seem loosely based off of Pablo Picasso techniques. Simply an observation and not a confirmed fact, but especially covers like that of “BS” feature some cubism techniques and colors that seem to be drawn from Picasso’s abstract, cubic style from the early 1900s. 

More specifically, Picasso’s artwork in the beginning of the 60s seems close to the album covers of Still Woozy’s singles. This would make sense in regards to Still Woozy’s rather psychedelic sound. “Rocky” is a great example of the psychedelic lyrics that Still Woozy is so fond of, with the repeating line: “When I’m nodding off slowly/ So I just, I just dream, dream,/ dream, dream, dream,/ That it isn’t how it seems.” 

The lyrics are different and otherworldly, with a catchy beat paired along with them. “BS” is another amazing track by Still Woozy that has been a favorite among fans for years. It originally came out in 2020, but it seems this song is still religiously listened to, and there is definitely no question as to why. The vocals are soothing and catchy and the beat is simple but tickles the brain in the best way possible. 

Overall, Still Woozy is an amazing artist that has managed to revamp the psychedelic vibes of the 1960s in a way that is more in tune with our current culture. As a result, Still Woozy has blown up with the younger generation over the past few years and continues to be one of the more unique and more favored artists of this decade. The tracks are exciting, upbeat, and promote positive feelings when listening to them. They will get stuck in your head for a while.


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