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The White Lotus is worth the binge

“The White Lotus” is a dramedy show that recently aired its second season on HBO Max. It was a wild ride from start to finish. Although the first season was a hit, the second season of the show knocked it out of the park, possibly outshining the first. 

The first season featured many renowned actors such as Jennifer Coolidge and Sydney Sweeney. The second season had viewers anticipating the release even more. Not only did the very popular Coolidge return, but the new set of episodes welcomed actors such as Theo James and Aubrey Plaza. Season two seemed to somehow pick the perfect actors for the job, and their chemistry together was magnetic and downright hilarious. 

The show is about a five star resort hotel that is located in many popular tourist destinations. The first season was in Hawaii and the second season ventured to Italy. Due to its luxurious reputation, it tends to attract the ostentatious and filthy rich crowd. The show follows the stay of a select few guests, one of them being Coolidge’s character, Tanya, who has gained immense popularity with the audience for her absolute insanity and airhead behavior.

The second season, released in October 2022, was an immediate success. Plaza plays Harper, newly wealthy alongside her husband Ethan, who both take a luxurious vacation with Ethan’s old college friend and his wife. James plays Cameron, the college friend, and does a brilliant job of portraying a smooth-talking, slightly sociopathic businessman who definitely has a taste for the wild side. Harper and Cameron go head to head throughout the season as their basic morals are so completely different from one another. It creates obvious tension between the two, making for a taboo storyline that is beyond compelling. The season includes themes of betrayal and insane displays of wealth that will have your skin crawling. The best part about the show is that it is unexpected and you never know what raunchy turn the plot is going to take next. 

As we see a possible crime unfold in season two, we witness Tanya’s absolute obliviousness to everything around her, but somehow it still seems to just work out in her favor. Clad in scarves and gaudy designer, Coolidge is so convincing and funny in this role, it could not have been executed better by anyone else. She even won a Golden Globe for best supporting actress from this role. 

“The White Lotus” has such a unique storyline and is a very well done drama that has lots of dark humor woven in, especially in the second season. The ending of the second season is extremely unexpected and heartbreaking but in the best way possible. 

Do beware, because once you start watching this show, it is impossible not to binge it right away.


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