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USC student puts out song ‘Food for the soul’ on Tiktok and goes viral 

Garrett Murphy, also known as “it’s murph” is a current student at the University of Southern California and is up and coming in the house music world. He is a music producer mainly for house and EDM music, his sound being compared to other DJs such as Flume and Fred Again. 

Throughout this past year, Murphy has become increasingly popular on TikTok for filming the reactions of classmates to his new music, videos of DJing at parties and showing viewers bits of his unreleased music. Viewers came back strongly, saying that they want him to release the tracks. Murphy has shown strong potential to be an amazing DJ and not only viewers but other DJs have noticed. Famous EDM DJs Steve Aoki and Dr. Fresch have commented on his TikTok videos either complimenting him, or telling him to keep it up which he has.

Murphy helped produce a song called “Lost” in 2022 along with other producers named RSCL, Twin Diplomacy, and Jack August. With over a couple million streams, “Lost” has become a popular EDM and house track with an intoxicating deep beat that makes you want to dance nonstop. The combination of the deep, house-y beats and a light feminine voice on the track makes for a great song to chill out or dance to. 

Murphy recently got himself noticed by a lot more people on TikTok in the beginning of January when he posted a video of a friend doing vocals for a track called “Food for the soul.” The only way to describe this song in simple terms is that it is completely euphoric. The sound is very similar to Flume and a little ODESZA with winding beats that build up to a thumping that you can feel in your chest. To top it off, the girl who did the vocals has a husky tenor that offsets the beat in a beautiful array of sounds. The phrase “food for the soul” is repeated throughout the song and adds to the feel-good energy that resonates from the song. Many listeners have been calling this song a “pool party” song. Since its release, the song has been played on the radio and has gotten a lot of attention from listeners all around the world.

Since he released the video clip on TikTok, thousands upon thousands of people started pestering him to fully release the song on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud. As asked, Murphy worked hard to fully release the song in mid-February. Since then, the song has been incredibly popular, and continues to be so on TikTok as well. TikTok may be the turning point for his career and many viewers are urging him to keep going. Murphy has also produced and released other deep house tracks such as “Breathing” that is increasingly popular as well. The sounds of bongos signal the beat drop, and make for quite a unique track. 

Overall, Murphy seems to be on the move to being an amazing artist in house music and his beats truly have been “food for the soul.”


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