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A Tiktok podcast worth the listen

Leo Skepi is a TikToker who has garnered over 2 million followers on his platform. Skepi is known for giving out-spoken advice to his followers on dating, friendships and life in general. He does not hold back; however, he is not to be mistaken for someone who is mean but more so someone who has learned from life experiences and does his best to be completely “real” with his audience, even if they are sometimes hard topics to speak about. 

While his TikTok page is bound to have you laughing for hours with his hilarious content, his new podcast called “Aware & Aggravated” is a deep dive into who he really is as a person and advice on things he has faced in his life. 

In episode 60 of his podcast, Skepi opens himself up to listeners in a brave way. He explains how he struggled with severely aggressive bullying growing up, beginning in just preschool. Skepi is very in-tune with himself and analyzes traumas in his childhood beautifully, opening up on why he reacts to certain situations a certain way as a result of childhood events. He continues to talk about how the bullying was so bad that his mom pleaded with the school to do anything to help and they did nothing. In response he was left with no choice but to fight back if he could. 

Skepi does not plead for sympathy in the episode, he simply opens himself up so that the audience can connect more with him personally, and he continues on to speak about how it has affected him today and what he does to remedy that. He realizes no one can possibly be perfect, and he still deals with the aftermath of a hard childhood to this day, but he promotes healthy coping mechanisms and healthy habits that could help promote more positive coping in our generation. 

In another episode, episode 65, Skepi goes into the art of discipline in everyday life and how valuable it is. He talks about developing healthy eating habits as well as taking care of your body through exercise and mental wellness tactics. An interesting take on self-discipline that he had in this episode was he said, “people are going to assess how you will treat them, by watching how you treat yourself”. This could be tied back into the golden rule we learned growing up, “treat others how you want to be treated”, but it really boils down to that we should be treating not only others, but ourselves first, with ultimate respect and love.

At 25 years old, Skepi has dealt with some tough things too soon in life and he has some great advice for young adults on getting out of your own mental prison and becoming motivated.

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