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Hotel Ugly, the artists behind “Shut up My Moms Calling,” released a new album and it’s worth the listen

Popular alternative pop band Hotel Ugly, best known for their song “Shut Up my Moms Calling,” just released an album full of music that is meant to chill too. Released in March, the title of the new album is “Ugly Duck.”

The band consists of self-taught musically gifted brother duo Mike and Chris Fiscella. Mike does lead vocals and Chris does the music production as well as writes the songs. The duo is particularly great for their advocacy for mental health awareness as a part of who they are as musicians. After touring around Texas, they have reached out and offered their services to Mental Health of America, an organization whose mission is to invest in community-driven mental health initiatives in the greater Houston area. Additionally, through their performances, Mike and Chris have raised money toward aiding those struggling with their mental health. 

Hotel Ugly’s music is indie with a twist of pop, and the new album certainly reflects that same style. It is a solid album, although not anything too exciting. The songs that seem to be the most popular on the album thus far are “Action Figures Fighting” and “The Mannequin Song.” Due to its use as a sound on TikTok “Action Figures Fighting” has also gained popularity above others. 

 The TikTok platform helped them get discovered by a larger audience and the right type of audience that would enjoy their indie pop sound. “The Mannequin Song” has also started to pick up on TikTok, garnering more streams for the band on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms. Their music appeals to many different types of music listeners. 

“The Mannequin Song” is a particularly funky song on the album with a swanky beat and an electronic influence backing up the lyrics. The lyrics are catchy and include lines such as, “Hate it when you talk to save your love / Always seem to wait a bit too long.” Another interesting line is, “Wish I could afford to buy your love.” A lot of the songs seem to be about relationships, but a more lighthearted take on them, with the lyrics being strange and a bit over-exaggerated. 

Overall, the new “Ugly Duck” album has that sound that most fans got hooked on in the first place, and it was not a disappointment. Some songs do stand out more than others on the album, such as the two mentioned above, “The Mannequin Song” and “Action Figures Fighting.” These two songs will more than likely carry the album and become the most popular.  

If you want to take a listen to their new album, it is streaming on all music services including Apple Music and Spotify. Here is a link to their website as well.


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