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New York Giants Draft Scenarios

With the NFL  draft less than a week away, everyone’s got their eyes on the Giants. It’s all but guaranteed that the Browns will go with a quarterback at No. 1, either Josh Allen or Sam Darnold. Whatever the Giants do at No. 2 could determine how the rest of the draft unwinds. There are a multitude of directions that Giants general manager and quote machine Dave Gettleman could go, and I’ll give a quick breakdown of each one:

Scenario 1, Quarterback: This is what I, and any smart Giants fan, should want them to do. If the Browns pick Allen, which I think they will, we’re left with Darnold, Josh Rosen and Baker Mayfield. From what I’ve gathered, the Giants are enamored with Darnold, and are fans of Rosen’s NFL-readiness as well. Mayfield would be kind of a reach at No. 2, but I think he’s the QB they should want. He dominated in college and has the attitude you want in a QB.

He sees the field so well and can create with his legs in the face of pressure. If it’s a QB at 2, I go Mayfield.

Scenario 2, Saquon Barkley: Every NFL analyst is saying the Giants view Barkley as “Ezekiel Elliott with no character issues,” which is basically the best you could ask for in a running back. I think he’s a bit overrated but is still a dynamic and elite talent that would take a huge load off Eli [Manning] and Odell [Beckham]. Two is really high for a running back though, and there will be plenty of really good backs available at 34, like Derrius Guice and Sony Michel. It’s an area of need but picking a QB at 2 and a back at 34 or 66 is a much better plan for the future.

Scenario 3, Trade the pick: This is a lot more possible than I’d like to think. I am begging Gettleman to take a QB at 2 and a back/lineman at 34. However, I know he values draft picks, and they could pull a ridiculous haul from the Bills, Cardinals or Dolphins if any of them want to trade up for a QB. I wouldn’t be too upset, considering they’d get at least two future firsts, and probably one or two second and third round picks as well, but they need to get their future QB settled.

Scenario 4, Make the worst selection of all-time: If they don’t do anything I listed above, their only options are Bradley Chubb, an edge rusher, and Quentin Nelson, a guard. If they picked either of these two players I would kick a hole in my TV. Their defense is above average, so Chubb would be a waste. The line is putrid, but picking a guard at 2 would be a historical mistake. Guards are more expendable than any other line position, and 2 is way too high for that. Only a tackle goes in the top 10. I don’t envision them clamming it up and picking either of these guys. Gettleman knows he needs an offensive player or some more picks. They must get Odell some help before they pay him this summer.

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