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Formula 1 season concludes at Abu Dhabi

The Formula 1 season has come to an end but it didn’t end quietly. While the champion has already been decided the rest of the league is still competing for second place in points.

When it comes to the top spot for the championship, no one is even close to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. In this season alone, he has scored a record 429 points while also shattering the Formula 1 record with 14 wins. His phenomenal 2022 season led Red Bull to its first championship since 2014, ending Mercedes’ eight-year streak. 

Verstappen hasn’t let up from the gas when it comes to his competitors or even his teammates. Sergio Perez, his fellow racer and teammate, was trying to finish in sixth to earn more points and vie for second place. Verstappen didn’t let Perez pass, in what many called a bold move.

Because of this previous race, it was alleged that Perez intentionally crashed during the Monaco Grand Prix to get a better lineup for their final lap. Verstappen wasn’t able to finish his last lap, which resulted in Perez lining up in front of him. Perez won the race and left Verstappen to get third, in what many assume is retaliation against his fellow teammate.

Perez has had a strong season, winning both the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix along with the aforementioned Monaco Grand Prix. After finishing in fourth place in back-to-back years, Perez will look to beat out Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc to secure second place, as the two racers are currently tied for it.

Leclerc finished with 290 points and three wins at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Australian Grand Prix and Austrian Grand Prix, to go along with 10 podium places. While Leclerc started the season strong, at one point leading over Verstappen, his multiple forced retirements in races led to Verstappen easily passing him in the standings and knocking him down to second place with Perez.

Legendary racer Sebastian Vettel looks to win his final race in Abu Dhabi as the racer will retire following the race. Since making his debut in 2006, the German racer has racked up a legendary career, starting with being the youngest World Champion driver at just 23 years old in 2010, his first of four appearances. Vettel currently sits in 11th place with no chance of getting into the top three but hopes to finish his career out strong.

During the Abu Dhabi race Verstappen was as dominant as ever, winning the final race of the Formula 1 season, celebrating his championship in style. Verstappen was flanked by Leclerc and his teammate Perez. Two drivers in the top three for Red Bull is a fantastic way to end the season, with Daniel Ricciardo set to join the team in 2023. With all this in mind, Christian Horner’s crew seem virtually unstoppable going forward.

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