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Living Life in the Fastlane

The 2023 WWE Fastlane was an exhilarating event from start to finish. The crowd in Indianapolis, Indiana, was red-hot from the top of the card all the way to the bottom.  Let’s take a closer look at what went down this past Saturday at WWE Fastlane. 

Tag Team Match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: Cody Rhodes and “Main Event” Jey Uso vs. Damian Priest and Finn Balor. This match started slower, with the challengers isolating Priest’s left knee. As the match progressed, Priest and Balor gained the upper hand after Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh got involved and provided a distraction. 

A highlight of the match came with the referee distracted as McDonagh went to hit Rhodes from behind with the Money in the Bank briefcase but moved out of the way, resulting in McDonagh striking the damaged knee of Priest. Rhodes and Uso drove Priest through a table, setting up Balor to be alone in the ring. The unlikeliest of teams, Rhodes and Uso, would hit an inverted “One D,” followed by a “Cross Rhodes” to seal the win for his team. 

Result: “Main Event” Uso and Rhodes become the NEW Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. 

Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits vs. Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar and Rey Mesterio: After a heinous attack the previous week, Mysterio and Escobar were left to compete with a partner. 

Prior to the match, Mysterio made a phone call to a friend for help, but the bell rang and the match started 3-2. Lashley and the Profits unleashed a furious beatdown on Mysterio and Escobar, dominating the first 10 minutes of the match. 

Mysterio was finally able to escape the wrath of Lashley, as both men were down in the middle of the ring. Crawling back to his corner to find no partners, Mysterio turned back and continued to fight. Then, an unfamiliar music track played. Living Life in the Fastlane. Out came Carlito! 

Making his return to the WWE, Carlito came with a flurry of offensive moves before hitting his signature backstabber for the win. 

Result: Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio and Carlito defeated Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits 

Iyo Sky vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka in a triple threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship: This was a fast-paced, hard-hitting match. Asuka had the majority of the offense in this match, but as the finish would see, that didn’t matter. At the end of the match, Flair had Asuka locked in her signature “figure eight” submission which was tapping out, which should’ve led to her winning her 16th world championship. Sky’s running mate, Bayley, distracted the referee to prevent him from seeing Asuka tapping out. Sky would hit a “moonsault” off the top onto Charlotte and pinning her to retain her title. 

Result: Iyo Sky pins Charlotte Flair to retain the WWE Women’s Championship 

John Cena and LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa: 

LA Knight has become the hottest thing in all of sports entertainment. His “yeah” has taken over the world and crossed over into pop culture as of late. Cena started the match and was continuously beaten down for over 12 minutes. Fans were clambering to tag in Knight, but every time Cena got close, Solo and Jimmy prevented it. Finally, after 15 minutes, a tag to Knight was made, and the roof came unglued. Heavy right hands from the “Megastar” came fast and furious, setting his signature “Knightcap” elbow drop. Cena returned to the picture with a “crossbody” from the top rope, leaving Jimmy Uso all alone for Knight. Knight would hit the “BFT (Blunt Force Trauma)” and pin Jimmy Uso for the win.

Result: LA Knight and John Cena defeat Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. 

Main Event: Seth “Freaking” Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing Match: Nakamura focused on the injured back of Rollins the entire match, using steel chairs, kendo sticks and exposed concrete to his advantage. Nakamura had 75% of the offense in the match, but Rollins’ ability to keep getting back up kept him in the match. The finish came about 30 minutes into the match when Rollins drove Nakamura through a table with his signature “Falcon Arrow,” and Nakamura did not reach the count of ten. 

Result: Seth “Freaking Rollins defeats Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

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