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Women’s Ice Hockey battles Providence

On Friday, Feb.16, the University of Maine Women’s Ice Hockey team faced the Providence College Friars. Seeking redemption from a previous loss at Northeastern, the Black Bears aimed to win their final home game of the regular season. In a thrilling matchup, the Black Bears won Friday night’s game 2-1 in overtime on senior night. 

Evan Soucy

For their last home game of the season, the Black Bears’ starting lineup featured fifth-year players Rahel Enzler and Eliza Morphy alongside Anne-Frederique Guay and Ida Kuoppala as the forwards. On defense, fifth-year Kennedy Little joined Morphy, while fourth-year Jorden Mattison took her position in the net. 

During the first period of the game, the Friars had more possession, but saves by Mattison kept the Black Bears in contention. Friars recorded 12 shots on the net with a total of 16 attempts for the period. The Black Bears recorded 9 shots on net and a total of 13 attempts for the period. Despite numerous opportunities to capitalize from both teams, the period ended scoreless. 

Evan Soucy

The second period started with the Black Bears on the power play advantage. With numerous attempted shots on the net, the Black Bears controlled the period. Despite this, the Black Bears could not get past the Friars goalie, third-year Hope Walinski.

The Black Bears gained the advantage after third-year Lily Martinson of the Friars received a penalty, allowing them to take control of the period. Despite the efforts from both teams, the period ended without goals from either team. The Black Bears recorded 29 shots, with 20 on the net, while the Friars recorded 34 shots, with 25 directed toward Mattison.

Evan Soucy

The third period saw a stronger start from the Friars compared to the Black Bears. At the 1:30 mark, the Friars scored, first-year Audrey Knapp finding the net, assisted by fourth-year Brooke Becker. Impressive saves by Mattison kept the Black Bears in the game from the first goal. 12 minutes into the period, Raegan Wurm served a penalty for interference. 

While on the penalty kill, First-year Mikayla Boarder was on a breakaway when Friar first-year  Lindsey Bochna tripped Boarder. Boarder collided with the Friars goaltender Walinski and Bochna. Since Bochna went after her knee, the play was reviewed. Resulting in a penalty for Bochna and a penalty shot for the Black Bears. Second-year Ava Stevenson was sent out to take the shot for the Black Bears. Stevenson tied the game 1-1 for her second goal of the season. 

Evan Soucy

Following the penalty shot, the Black Bears seized control of the game. Mattison had great saves to keep the Friars from scoring. Kuoppala had a breakaway but could not get past the Friar’s goaltender, Hope Walinski. The Black Bears had many scoring opportunities but could not get past Walinski. Mattison met every shot with her glove when the Friars were in the Black Bear defensive zone. 

As regulation time ended in a draw, the game went into overtime. Just 13 seconds into overtime, third-year Mira Sergeley, assisted by first-year Sam Morrison and third-year Ariana Van de Leest, scored the winning goal, ending the game. 

The final score was a 2-1 victory for Maine, ending the last home game of the season for the Black Bears. Looking ahead, they will head to Massachusetts to take on Holy Cross to finish the regular season next weekend.

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