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Options for replacing FirstClass discussed at GSS

Club Maintenance

The 3D Printing Club presented seeking final recognition this week. The club’s basic mission is to make 3D printing more accessible on campus for everyone. They hope to work with other groups on campus, particularly engineering groups. The motion passed.

Club Presentations

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers thanked the senate for providing the funding to send ten students to the AIChE National Conference, in San Francisco.

The South Asian Association of Maine thanked the senate for funding this year’s ColorFest. Despite the cold, there was a higher turnout than last year and they believe they can bring in even more next year. They hope to collaborate more with other groups to improve turnout and get more feedback.

Executive Reports

President Kevin Bois had a meeting with President Hunter, introducing Board of Trustees Rep. Samuel Borer, making updates on the Research Symposium proposal and discussing the 2018-2019 tuition increase and the campus climate. He also met with IT regarding the farewell to FirstClass by fall 2018, as well as the four or five unnamed options for replacements to consider, with different price ranges and user models.

Vice President Jared Dumas reported that the Graduate Student Government is currently looking into opening a new counseling center.

Vice President for Student Organizations Jacob Johnson reported that the details for the outdoor ice rink are being finalized. He will also be attending a meeting next Friday about a new student organization database system to simplify group information.

Periodic Reports

The Fair Election Practices Commission is looking to set up a groundwork timeline for elections in March.

ROTC rep. James O’Neill reported that they are gearing up for a formal dining event next Wednesday at the Wells Conference Center. There is a plan in the works to send a possible cadet to air assault training out of state in January. Finally, they are preparing a campus-wide dodgeball tourney next semester with UMaine Rec.

Reports of Standing Committees

The last Services meeting of the semester will be held at York dining next Monday at 5 p.m.

Representative Board Reports

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is still getting ready for Dodge for a Cause on Dec. 5 at 8 p.m. They have collected over a thousand food and clothing items as part of the Black Bear Exchange.

Community Association Reports

Student Heritage Alliance Council (SHAC) will hold its last meeting next Monday, as well as the Hunger Banquet next Friday. They hope to hold a collaborative event with other SHAC clubs.

The Student Women’s Association thanked the senate once again for supporting the new Women’s Research Center at the last meeting. Along with their appreciation came a quick update: on Monday, they met with Dean Dana to present demands, name a space on campus and funding for employee at center. They said Dana was very receptive and helpful, would have upper hand negotiating a space for them. They plan to meet monthly for both parties to report progress.

Wilde Stein reported on the successful Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil and dinner.

Unfinished Business

Vice President Dumas admitted he completely forgot about nominations for Sergeant at Arms. Senator Floreani noted that the Sergeant at Arms being elected next week will likely not do much at this point due to being elected this late in the year, but nevertheless nominated Senator Simpson. Senator Bradshaw was also nominated.

New Business

Club Water Polo requested $1,760 to cover the CWBA dues and balls for fall/spring season. Motion passed.

The Women’s and Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Teams requested $1,700 and $2,300 respectively, to cover fees and transportation to the weeklong High Tide Tournament in S.C. The motions passed.


President Bois opened discussion for the Frozen Fenway Hockey East Tournament collaboration planning. During winter break, CASE and UMSG want to purchase 50 tickets to The UMaine Black Bears tournament games and send a bus from campus to Boston and back. The goal of the discussion is to determine the method of distributing tickets to students. A suggestion to open tickets up to all students through Facebook and Instagram was made, but further discussion will be held in the future.

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