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“Sound Grenades” making their way to UMaine

The Sound Grenade, a small keychain-like alarm, is making an appearance on the University of Maine campus along with college campuses across the country. The product sounds a 120 decibel (dB) alarm when the top is removed and continues to sound until the top is replaced back on the product. The goal of the product is clear: to prevent an attack rather than engaging in one.

Jill Turner, the PR Director at Robocopp, has told stories of the success that this product has had since its release. “We have a 100 percent success rate,” she said. “This is the most effective crime deterrent for those who do not want to use a weapon.” In fact, 68 percent of offenders will leave a crime scene when an alarm is sounded, according to Turner. With an alarm that is as loud as a crash of thunder, it is easy to draw attention to yourself and alert those around you that you are in danger and need help.

The product is the size of a USB drive and weighs less than one ounce, making it easy to carry around throughout the day. The device serves many purposes, such as providing a sense of safety while walking home from the library or using it to scare off animals that may approach you from the woods.

When you purchase the Sound Grenade, there is no assembly required, which is what makes this product different from other types of alarms. This product does not rely on BlueTooth connectivity or an app on your smartphone — just take the product out of the packaging and place it on your keychain. It is built to last, with a battery that will let the alarm sound for up to 30 minutes. It is reusable and although the product only has a one-year warranty, it is built to last for up to five years on standby.

This product has been successful in other colleges, such as California State University, East Bay. The school purchased thousands of these devices for students in an attempt to help them feel safer on campus. It has proven to be successful, according to Turner. “When there is a general knowledge in the community that all students have these alarms, it’s an automatic crime deterrent.”

This product differs from pepper spray and pocket knives in many ways. On many college campuses, for example, the use of pepper spray and possession of pocket knives are banned. The Sound Grenade, however, is TSA approved, meaning that you can take it with you during your travels throughout the country.

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