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Student Government for the week of Nov. 13

New Senators, Appointments and Resignations

Mia Kaufman was appointed as a new senator. Corey Claflin was appointed as the Fair Election Practices Commission Chair. It was announced that Senator Shweta Desai has resigned.

Club Maintenance

The Caribbean Club, the African Student Association and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes were reactivated.

Club Presentations

Jordan Howe and Sarah Oberink of the Equestrian Team presented their use of funds for the past semester to GSS. The team went to four show weekends this season and are in fifth place in their league out of 13 teams. The team asked the Senate if they should give the remaining funds back, or keep them for the two show weekends they have planned for the spring semester. Vice President of Financial Affairs Song-Ping “Ryan” Wang told them to keep the funds because they had previously been approved to do so.

Morgan Cram President of the Woman’s Soccer Club discussed their winter semester season and use of funds. The team had 35 members this semester. The team played six games with a record of 1-4-1. Cram said the funds were used mostly on rental figures and referee funds. When Wang asked them what they learned this season, Cram said that they saw the need to commit to practicing.

Executive Reports

President Mary Floreani reported that she would be meeting with Dean of Students Robert Dana, and President Susan Hunter on Wednesday, Nov. 15 to discuss Student Government’s current affairs and that GSS would be having a senate work day to clean and reorganize the Student Government offices.

Vice President, Logan Aromando, reported that Student Government Thanksgiving would be held on Monday, Nov. 20.

Vice President for Financial Affairs, Song-Ping “Ryan” Wang, reported $260,434.26 in unallocated funds.

Vice President for Student Entertainment, Jared Dumas, reported that he had began lists for Maine Day preparations, including searching for artists and acts. Dumas also reported that job applications for Assistant VPSE were due Friday, Nov. 17.

Periodic Reports

Newly appointed Chair of the Fair Election Practices Commission, Claflin introduced himself and said he was excited to be working with GSS.

Student Legal Services Liaison Maria Maffucci reported that Student Legal Services is representing six students in civil rights violations cases.

Orono Town Council Liaison, Jacob Bradshaw, reported efforts to create a town-sponsored youth swimming program at the New Balance Recreation Center. Bradshaw also announced that Orono Town Council is looking into banning bridge jumping in certain spots.

Director of Communications, Miranda Roberts wished Jacob Bradshaw a happy birthday.

Reports for Standing Committees

Senator Linh Phan reported that Senator Harrison Ransley has been doing research for the the Political Activism committee. Phan also reported that the Political Activism committee is looking for a new member.

Representative Board Reports

Senator Samuel Parkinson of the Interfraternity Council has collected applications. The Council also began planning several events including the Black Bearathon.

Sarah Wainer, president of the Panhellenic Council has released their list of officer nominations and will likely announce the choices next week.

Community Association Reports

Mohammad “Fazeel” Hashmi, President of the Student Heritage Alliance Council, reported that preparations for the Hunger banquet are underway.

Meghan Frisard of The Feminist Collective reported that they are hosting a Feminist Career Night with the Career Center and the Woman Gender Studies Department. The Feminist Career Night is on Nov. 26 at 6 p.m in the Bangor room. Frisard reported the Feminist Collective will be holding elections soon as well as auditions for the Vagina Monologues.

New Business

GSS voted to include new hiring policies for Student Government such as how long to keep bids open, and who can attend interviews for candidates. GSS voted to amend the title of this policy from “Employment Policies” to “Employment and Hiring Policies.”

GSS voted to approve Wilde Stein’s funds request for the Drag Show budget. Wilde Stein will use the $3,955 for lodging queens and a drag workshop.

Alternative Breaks came before the GSS to have their request for funding voted on. The club was put in a difficult situation when the University of Maine System Mandated that spring break be shortened: two trips had to be moved to winter break, shortening the club’s time to fundraise. Senators Bentley Simpson and Ransley questioned Alternative Breaks on discrepancies between the amount of money in the title of the act and the actual amount requested. GSS voted to amend the proposal to reflect that Alternative Breaks was requesting $4,500 rather than $3,000. GSS voted to approve the allocation.

Special Orders & Announcements

Floreani reminded the GSS that senators are required to be on at least two councils.

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