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GSS rounds out semester

New Senators and Officer Appointments

Senators Lucia Guarnieri and Zoe Thomas have resigned.

Club Maintenance

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE),  Steel Bridge Club, the Institute of Management Accountants and the Army ROTC 20th Maine Honor Society have been officially reactivated.

Clubs on probation include the Sociology Club and the South Asian Association of Maine.

Executive Reports

President Mary Celeste-Floreani thanked those who attended the Senate Thanksgiving dinner, and requested input for the upcoming renovations for the Wade Center.

Vice President Logan Aromando reminded first time senators to re-submit their paperwork by Friday, so they can be sworn in at the beginning of the next term. Next week’s meeting will be either business casual or holiday wear.

Vice President for Financial Affairs Song Ping ‘Ryan’ Wong reported $251,579.26 in unallocated funds.

Vice President for Student Organizations Jacob Wood explained to first time senators the status of clubs on probation. New forms for the clubs to keep have been completed.

Vice President for Student Entertainment Jared Dumas is still unable to discuss plans in detail. Next semester, the Senate will hear about a panel for a new alternative event in February.

Periodic Reports

The board of trustees is watching three bills entering State Legislation. The first would shorten the time to qualify for in-state tuition, which would reduce the money the University gains from out of state. The second would extend the National Guard’s public education tuition waiver to private education. The third would allow guns on campus, but only if secured in vehicles. This did not pass the legislative council.

Their Vision for Tomorrow fundraising campaign has thus far raised $121 million.

The Fall enrollment report showed a decrease in undergraduates, but an increase in graduates.

Maine Department of Transportation wants to build a roundabout at the Park Street entrance. The university has given the land, worth $255,000 to the department. The roundabout will cost $3.4 million, and be completed by late fall 2018.

Finally, the Board has authorized the university’s ability to award degrees.

Legal Services is looking to expand employment insurance. Sean O’Mara hopes to get a quote soon.

The Army ROTC is preparing for the Black Bear Battalion Dining event. A dodgeball tournament is in the works during the early months of second semester.

Representative Board Reports

The Honors College Student Advisory Board will begin nominations for elections in Balentine Hall on Thursday at 5:30 p.m., followed by a game night from 6 to 8 p.m. Plans for the Maine Day meal packout are underway.

The Interfraternity Council held its Greek Gala Wednesday night. Officer inductions to follow.

Panhellenic Council held its last meeting Thursday, where it will also hold inductions.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has set days for their upcoming Dodge for a Cause and talent show events. They are looking for someone to fill the vacant Vice President position. The Women’s Ice Hockey Team hopes to raise funds for the Ashley Wade Foundation, a nonprofit organization meant to “enrich the lives of children suffering from chronic illnesses,” during their match against the University of Vermont on Saturday.

Community Association Reports

The Student Heritage Alliance Council is throwing their Hunger Banquet Dec. 8.

The Feminist Collective held Feminist Career Night last night. Tomorrow they will be holding auditions for the Vagina Monologues.

Wilde Stein is grateful for those who attended Gay Thanksgiving. Elections are being held during this meeting.


The Dressage Club requested $570 for arena rental, judge fees and registration for the Intercollegiate Dressage Association Show on Saturday. Due to weather concerns, they opted to have two shows in the fall, rather than one each in fall and spring. Motion passed.

New Business

The Black Student Union made a request for $2,000 for their Martin Luther King breakfast on Jan. 18, 2018. With no representative, the resolution was tabled for next week.

The Honors College Student Advisory Board requested $1,000 for 300 stickers and 15 pullovers bearing their new logo, designed by a New Hampshire-based graphic design company for free, and produced at a discounted price. Motion passed.

The Asian Student Association requested $1,235 for Buchanan Alumni House rental, refreshments, decorations and a photographer for their Multicultural Formal on Dec. 8 from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Motion passed.

Institute of Management Accountants requested $210 for their end of semester dinner in the DPC building next Monday. Outages and vacations over the course of the semester interfered with their fundraising efforts. Motion passed.

Special Orders and Announcements

The Senate moved to an Executive Session from 6:34-6:40 p.m.

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