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This week in GSS

New Senators and Officer Appointments

Caroline Spangenberg and Sara Imam were sworn in this week

Club Presentations

The Mock Trial Club thanks the Student Government for funding their trip to their competition which took place at Boston College. One of the first-year members of the Mock Trial Club won one of 10 star witness awards that were given at the event.

Guest Speakers

A candidate for Vice President of Student Government, Mohammad Fazeel Hashmi, the Student Heritage Alliance Council (SHAC) chair, made his case for VP. Hashmi focused on transparency within the student body and continuation of the upward trend that he believes the Student Government is on.

Candidate for president, John Kay, focused on his platform, “Be available, be engaged and be real.”

Presidential candidate Taylor Cray, the co-chair of the Feminist Collective and student manager at the IT support center, focused on her leadership skills as well as the importance of listening to the student body.

Candidate for president Jacob Bradshaw focused on his mission, which is to “make student life on campus more enjoyable for all students.” To accomplish this mission, Bradshaw has two goals. One is to increase influence by student groups and their respective members by meeting with groups more regularly. The other goal is to create more direct student representation in the different departments at UMaine.

The final candidate was Logan Aromando, the current VP of Student Government. Aromando focused on the importance of working as a team. Aromando also highlighted how his time in office would greatly benefit his work as president.

Executive Reports

President Mary-Celeste Floreani reminded everyone to take part in the upcoming election for Student Government. Things have gone well in recent meetings regarding Maine Day.

Vice President for Financial Affairs Song Ping ‘Ryan’ Wang reported $298,075.19 in unallocated funds. Funds that were returned to unallocated funds were $669.60 from Mock Trial, and $28.05 from the Asian Students Association. Funds to be allocated include $40 to the Latin American Student Organization and $700 to College Republicans and College Democrats. There was one resolution for the SHAC for $1,359.

Vice President of Student Organizations, Jacob Wood, reminded the Senate of club update information forms. Any clubs that fail to turn one in will become inactive. Wood also reminded the Senate of the upcoming Diversity Week.

Vice President of Student Entertainment, Jared Dumas, announced the name and date of UMaine’s spring event. It will be called “The Maine Event” and will take place on the weekend of April 14. The event will be for undergraduate students only.

Periodic Reports

Faculty Senate Student Representative, Bentley Simpson announced there will be new language in the syllabus regarding observing religious holidays. A motion was passed to make the IT committee one of the standing committees. Student evaluations of teaching will now be standardized, affecting how they will be used for tenuring and giving promotions to professors.

Director of Communications Miranda Roberts has begun working on social media and letting students know of the upcoming student government elections.

Reports of Special Committees

The Maine Day Committee gathered to discuss Maine Day and ideas for entertainment. The Committee also got together with representatives from Campus Activities and Student Engagement to discuss some of the ideas they had. Many were met with approval.

Representative Board Reports

Honors College Student Advisory Board has rescheduled trivia to Thursday, March 29. The entry fee is $5 per person or $20 per team. There is a cash prize and it is movie themed. Proceeds will go towards the Maine Day meal packout.

The Interfraternity Council is continuing to meet with Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Robert Dana for a new member development program that the University wants to sponsor and they are finalizing an incentives program for Maine Day to get fraternities involved.

Community Association Reports

SHACl will be hosting the multicultural mosaic next week during diversity week. A week after that, will be Islamic Awareness Week.

On Tuesday, March 27, at noon in the Bangor room there will be a panel on modern feminism.

Consent Agenda

A motion to supply funds of $40 to the Latin American Student Organization their Loteria night on March 20 in the North Pod passed. A motion to supply funds of $700 to College Republicans and College Democrats for room rental, food and decoration for their Bipartisan Formal which is on April 7 in Buchanan Alumni Hall was passed.

New Business

An act to allocate funds to SHAC of $1,359 for catering and all miscellaneous items for their Multicultural Mosaic on March 30 was passed.

Nominations and Elections

Francis Perrino was elected as the Orono Town Council Liaison.

Kaitlyn Beckwith was nominated and elected as the Old Town City Council Liaison.


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