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Aromando to be next University of Maine Student Government President

Logan Aromando swept up 39 percent of the votes to win the undergraduate student presidency on March 30.  The majority of the ballots were submitted electronically and only four manual ballots were cast.

Aromando is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student from Kennebunk, Maine.  He’s serving as the current vice president of the undergraduate student body and the president of the General Student Senate.  He’s worked closely with the current undergraduate student president to advocate for students and intends to continue those efforts with his own presidential term.

Aromando worked to get personal sanitary items donated for female bathrooms in the union and in the office at the Women’s Resource Center last semester, according to the Women’s Resource Center.  

“President Mary Celeste Floreani has been a present and appreciated advocate for our office in both matters of procuring funding and institutionalization.  We hope the President-Elect Aromando will continue her legacy by actively advocating for the Women’s Resource Center and services for women and minorities on campus,” a representative for the Women’s Resource Center said in a Facebook message.

Aromando wants to bring more activities in the fall, possibly a concert or some other kind of entertainment.  He’d like to work on fixing perceptions around Maine Day and continue to grow the student government. He wants to work with all groups and clubs on campus to help represent them and their needs.  

“It may seem little to someone else but to some people it’s a lot,” Aromando said.

The student senate right now has 15 members, according to the University of Maine webpage for the General Student Senate. Aromando says this number has increased in recent years and he would like to continue to grow it and establish a college-based senate, with each of University of Maine’s five colleges being represented. This was also a referendum students voted on in this election.

The vice president-elect, Bentley Simpson, is one of the senior-most senators for the student body.  Aromando has worked closely with Simpson through his position in the student senate. “Being the president of the senate I work with him a lot on various tasks.  We have a very strong relationship through that,” Aromando said in an email.

They have worked on projects as members of the Sophomore Owls together. Simpson is the president of the Sophomore Owls and Aromando is the chair of new members.

Aromando ran for undergraduate student body president because he wants to continue the work he’s been doing with the current student body president and has a desire to help people.  

“I really like being able to help people,” Aromando said.

Aromando won a large percentage of the votes and was surprised by the margin he won by.  “I definitely knew I had the experience and that some people would vote for me.” he said.  Taylor Cray received the second largest number, receiving 26 percent of the votes, then Jacob Bradshaw with 21 percent of the votes and John Kay with 14 percent of the votes according to the executive election results released by the Student Government’s office on campus.

Logan Aromando can be reached through his email posted on the University of Maine’s Student Government website or in his office in the back of the Wade Center in the Memorial Union.  He will be sworn in on the second-to-last senate meeting of the semester and start his term next school year. Ultimately Aromando says he wants to create “a better campus as a whole, where people feel welcome.”

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