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Greek Week highlights friendly competition among members

With 18 fraternities and nine sororities on campus, Greek Life has a strong presence at the University of Maine. According to the school’s website, around 13 percent of UMaine undergraduate students are members of Greek organizations, which is around 1,100 students. This week was “Greek Week,” a series of competitions and events designed to bring members of Greek Life together.

Wednesday, April 11 was the Greek Week Talent Show, where members of sororities and fraternities performed a variety of acts, either as a group or solo, in pursuit of points, which are added up at the end of the week to determine a top sorority and a top fraternity. Most groups performed group dance routines, which included gymnastics, High School Musical choreography — basketballs included — and tearaway pants. Other acts included an MTV Spring Break-style skit, and an acoustic performance of Jack Johnson’s “Good People.”

“Overall, participating in the talent show was a fantastic time and we all had so much fun with it! Within a week we all met up various times to bounce ideas off each other and put together the dance routine,” Zak Charette, a second-year mechanical engineering student and a brother of Alpha Tau Omega, said. “We struggled at first because none of us really knew anything about choreography, but by the night of talent show we were all excited and happy to show what we had put together.”

“As a sophomore, this is my first time participating in Greek Week and kind of understanding what it means. Many of the Greek organizations on campus are intertwined in lots of ways, but we rarely all come together for big events like Greek Week and everything it entails aside from philanthropy events and socials,” Charette said.

Other Greek Week events included a canoe bailout, bowling, a potluck and lawn games. According to Cheyanne Cersoli, a third-year and member of Chi Omega, the canoe bailout winners were Sigma Phi Epsilon and Delta Phi Epsilon, while the bowling night winners were Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) and Alpha Omicron Pi.

“To me, Greek Week is just a great time for all Greek organizations to come together and not only compete against each other and have a good time for various prizes and entitlements, but also to celebrate the fact of how amazing Greek Life is and the range of wonderful things we can offer to the UMaine community as a whole,” Charette said.

The winners of the talent show were Alpha Tau Omega for the fraternities and Alpha Phi for sororities, who also went on to win the entire week.

“Everyone is very competitive this year and it looks like it’ll be a close end result,” Cersoli said. The winner of Greek Week receives a trophy, a banner and $200.

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