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This week in GSS

General good and welfare

Student Senate Advisor Lauri Sidelko spoke about the Healthy High 5k race that will be taking place on the morning of April 27. 800 runners are anticipated to participate in the race.  

Club maintenance

The Downeast 4×4 Club sought preliminary recognition. The club averages about 15 members and is very involved with the community. The motion for preliminary recognition passed.

Two speakers from the Spikeball Club asked for final recognition from the Senate. They are hoping for the final recognition to receive funding for tournaments and nets for the club. The motion to grant final recognition passed.

A speaker from the Muslim Student Association (MSA) asked the Senate for reactivation for the club. The MSA holds biweekly meetings with a safe environment for those who identify as Muslim. They also are involved with other cultural clubs and events on campus, including Culturefest. The motion for reactivation of the club passed.

Club presentations

Maine Animal Club previously received funding for their annual Northeast Student Affiliate Conference in Delaware and reported that the conference was a success.

The University of Maine Navigators Club received funding for their annual conference and reported that they enjoyed their time at the conference and were able to pay for their check-in fee and room-and-board fee.

Executive reports

President Logan Aromando informed the Senate that help is needed in preparation for the Spring Concert and Maine Day events. The Maine Day Committee was to have their first meeting that week to discuss details. Aromondo reported that he spoke with administration about the Student Government spring training, executive elections and future sponsored events.

Vice President Bentley Simpson reminded the Senate that the makeup spring training meeting would be held directly following that night’s Senate meeting.

Vice President for Financial Affairs John O’Donoghue reported that the allocated funds of the Student Data List Income was $633.

Vice President for Student Organizations Taylor Cray announced that the club of the week was the Woodsmen Team.

Vice President for Student Entertainment Corey Claflin reported that he has some meetings coming up and that planning is going full speed ahead for the Spring Concert.

Periodic reports

Chair of the Fair Election Practices Commission Matthew Akers reported that he had received all of the bios from the executive election nominees and was working on getting the ballots ready, as well as finalizing details for the debate.

Director of Communications Austin Steward reminded the Senate that the debate for executive elections is Monday, March 11, and encouraged the members to spread the word to the student body.

Reports of standing committees

Zachary Wyles of the Membership Committee reported that there would be a Senate retreat and urged those in the Senate to join the committee.

Cameron Bowie of the Political Activism Committee asked the members of the Senate to join the committee and attend meetings, as well as spread the word or help out with the upcoming Stillwater Cleanup event.

Emmaline Willey of the Services Committee reported that she had met with the UMaine Dining Association and had discussed nutritional PSAs for student foods.

Reports of special committees

Harrison Ransley of the Student Conduct Code Oversight and Review Committee reported that they are beginning presentations and changes to the Student Conduct Code.

Representative boards

Interfraternity Council President Andrew Arsenault reported that UMaine had sent a greek life delegation to a regional conference. He also reported that there will be hands on CPR training available to all fraternities and sororities.

Panhellenic Council President Stephanie Poirier reiterated the information about the regional conference the fraternities and sororities attended.

Community association reports

Student Heritage Alliance Council Representative Max Zakian reported that the Multicultural Mosaic is in the works.

Hannah Holbrook with the International Student Association reported that they would be holding a Japanese Movie night in the Multicultural Room.

The meeting concluded with the executive election platform speeches from the presidential candidates Harrison Ransley and Bentley Simpson as well as a speech from the only vice presidential candidate Chase Flaherty.

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