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This week in GSS

Club maintenance

A member of the Nordic Skiing Club came forward and asked the Senate for preliminary recognition. Currently there are about 15 members in this club and they would like to receive recognition in order to reach more students on campus, register as a University of Maine club team and collect funding for transportation. This motion was passed by the Senate.

A member of the Physical Education Student Organization spoke for the club and asked for preliminary recognition so the organization can spread awareness, promote health around the campus and receive funding. About 25 members are already signed up for the club, and the organization is open to anyone who is interested in physical education. This motion was passed by the Senate.

Executive reports

Vice President Bentley Simpson announced there was no report from President Aromando due to his absence, and reminded the Senate that the budget meeting will be held on April 2.

Vice President of Financial Affairs Jack O’Donoghue reported that all student organizations will be in attendance for the budget meeting and that the Student Heritage Alliance Council is asking for $3,140 in funding for their Cultural Mosaic event.

Vice President of Student Organizations Taylor Cray reported that club presentations will be continuing.

Vice President for Student Entertainment Corey Claflin said that a site walkthrough for the spring concert had been finished. He is also finalizing logistics for the concert. He encouraged members of Senate to attend his committee meetings.

Periodic reports

Faculty Senate Student Representative Harrison Ransley reported that there is a faculty senate meeting coming up and he will be in attendance, ready to discuss the issue of lengthening the add/drop class period.

Chair of the Fair Election Practices Commission Matthew Akers reported that the executive debate went well and that the ballots, as well as absentee ballots, are being finalized.

Old Town City Council Liaison Emmeline Willey reported that just as UMaine students are complaining about potholes, the residents of Old Town are complaining as well.

Director of Communications Austin Steward reported that spring concert planning is still in full swing and the Senate photos are being prepared.

Reports of standing committees

Chase Flaherty with the Policy and Procedure Committee reported that he received ideas from the executive debate and is thinking about changes within the committee.

Cameron Bowie with the Political Activism Committee reiterated the idea of changes stemming from ideas brought up at the executive debate. Bowie also reminded the Senate that he will be needing help with the Stillwater cleanup event held at the end of April.

Representative board reports

Ian Johnson with the Commuter and Non-Traditional Students Board reported that there will be a pancake breakfast held Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Interfraternity Council President Andrew Arsenault reported that Greek Week planning has started and CPR training will begin next week.

Panhellenic Council President Stephanie Poirier reported that recruitment dates have been approved and recruitment counselors are being interviewed.

Community association reports:

Student Heritage Alliance Council member Max Zakian reported that the planning for the Cultural Mosaic on March 29 is ongoing.

A Wilde Stein member announced that the previous president, Aiden Ciaffaglione, had stepped down and that the club is preparing for the Lavender Prom on April 22.  

New business

An act to allocate funds for the Student Heritage Alliance Council and their Cultural Mosaic event was presented. They are asking for $3,140 in funding for food and supplies. The event will be held in the union and will include games, food and other events. This was passed by the Senate.

A roll call vote was held to review the cabinets choice to veto funding for the Pre-Law Society’s event. The funding was vetoed by the cabinet due to lack of communication about what the money would be used for. The Senate ruled that the veto stands.

A roll call vote was held to review a veto by the cabinet in regards to the Dungeons and Dragons Club wanting funds for food for an upcoming event. The funds were previously vetoed because the cabinet and Executive Budgetary Committee felt as though this type of funding would not follow precedent. The Senate ruled that the veto stands.

The meeting concluded with an Executive Session, which was not open to the public.

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