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This week in GSS

General good and welfare

A speaker from the Maine Business School talked about a speaker series that will be taking place on April 4 in the Donald P. Corbett Business Building.

Club presentations

The Franco American Resource Opportunity Group had a successful trip in Quebec City, February after the Senate passed their budget. They attended the Winter Carnival celebration to learn more about their culture and the history of the city.

Executive reports

President Logan Aromando reminded the Senate that the speed reading workshop was coming up and that Maine Day committee meetings are still being held.

Vice President Bentley Simpson reported that he is working on the details of the spring Senate retreat, and reminded the Senate that the first budget meeting is coming up.

Vice President for Financial Affairs Jack O’Donoghue informed the Senate that there were main motions to be decided on later in the meeting.

Vice President for Student Entertainment reported that the acts for the Spring Concert have been announced and they are working on finalizing logistics for the event.

Periodic reports

Fair Elections and Practices Chairman Matt Akers announced that the new Student Senate President-elect is Bentley Simpson and the Vice President-elect is Chase Flaherty.

The Orono Town Council Liaison reported that at the last town meeting the integration of solar power into the town was the main discussion point.

Director of Communications Austin Steward reiterated that the details and materials for the Maine Day and the Spring Concert are being finalized.  

Reports of standing committees

Chase Flaherty with the Policy and Procedure Committee reported that there was some ‘spring cleaning’ conducted on policy rules and guidelines have been revisited. He also reminded the members of the Senate to attend committee meetings that are held every Thursday.

Reports of special committees

President Aromando of the Maine Day Committee reminded Senate members to attend meetings and reported that the committee is adding events and activities that are more beneficial to students for Maine Day.

Reports of representative boards

The president of the Honors College Student Advisory Board reported that the group is beginning to fundraise for the Maine Day Meal Pack Out.

A member of the Panhellenic Council reported that there would be a president’s round table with other sorority presidents and their advisors.

The president of the Senior Class Council reported that senior week planning is coming along and that it will be held during the first week of May.

Community association reports

A member of the Student Heritage Alliance Council announced that the Multicultural Mosaic would be held at the end of the week.

A member of the Feminist Collective reported that the club wrapped up Women’s History Month and announced that there will be a number of events held next month.

A member of Wilde Stein reported that the group is continuing work on Lavender Prom and has begun work with community outreach programs.

A member from the International Student Association reminded the Senate that there is a coffee hour every Friday and that there will be free ice skating after the Multicultural Mosaic is over.

Consent agenda

There was a motion, which passed, to reallocate $700 for new practice uniforms for the Field Hockey Club.


New business

Allocation of funds to Panhellenic Council and Alpha Omicron Pi for the Mr. Fraternity fundraiser that will be held April 10 at the Collins Center for the Arts. This event has been held for the past 18 years and raises money for the Arthritis Foundation. This motion was passed by the Senate.

Speakers from the University of Maine Trap and Skeet Club asked for $60 in funds for their upcoming competition to cover registration costs. About 14 people will be attending the competition. The club will be fundraising to cover the majority of the costs for the trip and the funds they are asking for will make up the difference. This motion was passed by the Senate.

The College Republicans were looking to allocate funds of $200 to hold their own Lunch and Learn. The Multicultural Association usually holds a Lunch and Learn for the group but they have decided to hold their own. After a lengthy debate, this motion was passed by the Senate.

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