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The General Student Senate meeting on Feb. 11 began with the approval of the Feb. 4 meeting minutes and agenda.

General Good and Welfare:

A representative from the Maine Human Rights Coalition Inc. reported that the 5th annual Black History Month Black Lives Matter Breakfast will be held at the Wells Conference Center on Saturday, Feb. 15.

Vice President Chase Flaherty discussed the Robert’s Rules item of the week. The item of the week highlighted the motion to suspend the rules if someone wanted to speak outside the traditional order of business.

New Senators, Officer Appointments, Resignations:

Vice President Flaherty reported the resignation of Sen. Isaiah Bedsole. Tiffany Curro was appointed as a senator.

Club Maintenance:

A representative from Black Bear Beekeepers argued for preliminary recognition. The club has a current membership of about 18 students. They are a club for beekeeping enthusiasts and the goal is to promote the importance of honey bees. They received preliminary recognition following a vote from the Senate.

The floor was open to candidates seeking nomination from the Senate for the position of student trustee on UMaine’s board of trustees

Vincent Scott and Sens. Tessa Shanteler and Frank Kelly individually spoke in front of the Senate, seeking nominations for the position of student trustee on UMaine’s board of trustees.

Executive Reports:

Vice President Flaherty spoke on behalf of President Bentley Simpson who was absent. Flaherty reported that last week Vice President Flaherty and President Simpson met with Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Robert Dana and discussed the new senate positions, Maine Day and student mental health. Additionally, he thanked the Senate for volunteering at Fresh Check Day and reminded them of Winter Carnival events in the future. Lastly, he shared that nominations for vice president and president would begin this week.

Vice President Flaherty reported that Dean Dana would be coming to speak to the Senate in the near future. Additionally, he shared that he is looking for people to help out with the planning of the Senate retreat. Lastly, he stated that one senator would be appointed as the representative of the University of Maine Reserve Officer Training Corps this evening.

Vice President for Financial Affairs Jack O’Donoghue stated that there was a mistake in the dollars of allocation at the previous meeting on Feb. 4. He reminded the Senate about upcoming budget meetings.

Vice President for Student Organizations Taylor Cray reported that Trivia Night would occur on Feb. 11 and reported that she was pleased with how Fresh Check Day went. She reminded the Senate about Winter Carnival events happening.

Vice President for Student Entertainment Logan Aromando discussed the creation of a new budget for this year and the upcoming year, in addition to the possibility of hosting a comedian or an entertainer in the future. He reported that he is working with President Simpson and Student Life to reinstate student discounts at Spotlight Cinemas. Lastly, he shared that he is working with Student Government and Student Life on Maine Day activities and the Maine Day concert, attempting to increase the maximum capacity. He reported that he met with UVAC and the fire department to discuss safety surrounding the concert plans.

The Advisor to Student Government Lauri Sidelko reminded the senate about Winter Carnival events. She reported that the presidential primary is approaching and that early voting is open. She also reported that a message will go out to the student body to inform them of early voting. She shared that the actual primary election will occur on March 3 and that Student Life is working on transportation from the Memorial Union to the Orono Town Office to get students to the polls. Lastly, she informed the senate that the Town of Orono is looking for poll workers.

Periodic Reports:

Faculty Senate Student Rep. Camryn Hammill reported that the faculty senate is meeting on Feb. 12 and that they are working on reforming the general education course requirements.

UMaine Board of Trustees Student Rep. Abby Despres was absent.

Chair of the Fair Election Practices Commission Matthew Akers reported that nomination forms for vice president and president of UMSG, Inc. will be available at 8 a.m. on Feb. 12 in the Student Government Office.

Student Legal Services Liaison Elisabeth Redwood had no report.

Orono Town Council Liaison Camryn Hammil reported that the City of Orono is working on reforming broken rental and landlord dwelling lots and that the council approved a vote to discuss the city’s water later this year.

Old Town City Council Liaison Peter Alexander had no report.

Director of Communications Owen Vadala reported that election day for UMSG, Inc. is on March 23 and that nomination forms for vice president and president of UMSG, Inc. would be available on Feb. 12.

Center for Undergraduate Research Liaison Olivia Lovejoy reported that, at her first meeting with the director of the Center for Undergraduate Research, they discussed how the center should spread news about the resources they offer to students.

Reports of Standing Committees:

Membership Rep. Gabriela Reyes was absent but had Vice President Flaherty share a message. She reported that food for the meeting was provided by Bear’s Den and that binders were created for new senators.

Policy & Procedure Rep. Harrison Ransley reported that there would be a meeting to discuss the potential for mental health services on Feb. 14.

Political Activism Rep. Cody Embelton reported that on the second Wednesday of every month there would be a meeting for all political organizations on campus.

Services Rep. Emmeline Willey reported that she met with a rep from ResNet to discuss the issues with the internet on campus. Additionally, she shared that she would host a meeting on Wednesdays to discuss potential murals for Maine Day.

Representative Board Reports:

Commuter and Non-Traditional Students Rep. Ian Johnson reported that a pancake breakfast will occur on Feb. 14.

Honors College Student Advisory Board Rep. Dominique Dispirito reported that the group was conducting recruitment initiatives to get more students from the Honors College on the board. Additionally, the board plans to host a breakfast on Feb. 28 and all students are welcome.

Interfraternity Council Rep. Morgan Ford reported that the council is working with Orono Brewing Company and Upward Bound to create events for the year. Additionally, the council plans to host an art auction to fundraise and promote local artists.

Panhellenic Council Rep. Allison Swede reported that the National Greek Leadership Association conference is occurring in late February and members plan to attend. Additionally, Swede reported that Greek organizations are still conducting recruitment for the spring

Senior Class Council Rep. Joshua Minor reported that senior shirts and cups are on sale at the Bookstore in the Union. Additionally, Minor shared that on April 1 the council will host a Students vs. Staff basketball game for their large fundraiser.

Sustainability and Environment Action Division Rep. Dalton Bouchles was absent but left a message for Vice President Flaherty to report. Vice President Flaherty reported that the group is still looking for a social media chair and that plans are being made for Earth Week and Heritage Week.

Community Association Reports:

Student Heritage Alliance Council Rep. Anna Schaab reported that the council has a new secretary. Additionally, Schaab shared that Japanese exchange students will be coming to UMaine during the spring semester and all students have the opportunity to eat lunch with them in the Union. Lastly, Schaab reported that on Feb. 13 the Interfaith Luncheon would take place in the Wilson Center and that they are planning a Mardi Gras potluck.

Feminist Collective Rep. Hannah Thompson reported that the Vagina Monologues will occur on Feb. 21 and Feb. 22. Thompson shared that the “Milk with Dignity” showing is on Feb. 13. Lastly, Thompson announced that the group is preparing for Women’s History Month in March.

Wilde Stein: Queer Straight Alliance Rep. MJ Smith reported that the group is working with the Rainbow Resource Center on the Drag Show and that they are planning for Lavender Prom. Lastly, the group plans to participate in Women’s History Month and Diversity Week events on campus.

International Student Association Rep. Hannah Holbrook reported that the South Asian Association of Maine will be hosting an event on Feb. 14. Additionally, Holbrook shared that on Feb. 15, the International Dance Festival would put on two shows at the Collins Center for the Arts. Food and drinks will be sold outside to benefit the association.

Consent Agenda:

A motion to allocate $200 to the Woodsmen Team for an office budget was introduced. This motion was passed.

A motion to allocate $275 to Dungeons & Dragons for food on game nights was introduced. This motion was passed.

A motion to allocate $725 to Wilde Stein for event insurance for the UMaine Drag Show was introduced. This motion was passed.

New Business:

An Act to allocate $3,724.40 to the Woodmen’s Team for registration, wood, and an ambulance for home meets and hotel rooms for away meets was passed.

An Act to allocate $3,300 to the Black Student Union for seven hairstylists for their Hair Care Fair on Feb. 23 at DTAV Community Building was passed.

An Act to allocate $1,160 to the Navigators group for the use of conference admission for eight students to attend the annual Northeast Navigators Regional Winter Conference in Southbridge, Massachusetts on Feb. 21 was passed.

The senate went into executive session, the final roll was called and the meeting was adjourned.

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