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Oakhurst Dairy celebrates 100-year anniversary

Oakhurst Dairy, based in Portland is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year. Originally founded in 1921 by the Bennett family, Oakhurst Dairy has long since been a staple in the Portland community and Maine as a whole. To celebrate this milestone, President and CEO John Bennett wants to embrace the past but focus on looking forward to the future of Oakhurst Dairy. 


When most companies celebrate an anniversary, it’s usually just a look back, but Oakhurst wants to celebrate a little bit differently and make it more about who we serve. We have the opportunity during a very trying time, to encourage everyone around us to pour on the kindness, goodness, and Maineness.” Bennett said in a press release issued by the company. “Today, more than ever, we need to celebrate the act of simply helping our neighbors, because each act of kindness, no matter how small, has a ripple effect that serves to make our state and communities stronger and healthier.”


Oakhurst Dairy wishes to focus on the following core values of their company in the years to come: transparency, sustainability and a community focused outlook. Oakhurst claims that they will always stand up for what they believe is right, and the company did just that by asking its milk producers to stop using an artificial growth hormone in the company’s milk. However, the Food and Drug Administration has made statements clarifying that there is no substantial difference between milk with growth hormones and milk without. 


Oakhurst Dairy came from humble beginnings. When it was founded in 1921, it was known for delivering milk to Portland homes in glass bottles, while the delivery driver rode in on a horse and buggy. Now, Oakhurst Dairy has succeeded in placing their products in grocery stores and schools all across the state. Additionally, it has even expanded its inventory to include more than just dairy products and now carry juices as well. 


Bennett shared how far Oakhurst has come in a statement released by the company. 


“My family started this company with a vision that was much more than just bottling and distributing milk–Oakhurst has always been about standing up for and doing what’s right. I am proud to say that this fundamental truth is still alive and well at our company. We are committed to addressing key issues in our community, doing right by our farmers, creating and providing the very best products on the market, and being mindful of sustainability and the next generation every step of the way. I’m so proud of what the Oakhurst team has accomplished–cheers to 100 years and, hopefully, another 100 to come,” Bennett said.


Oakhurst Dairy is celebrating this iconic year by hosting some celebratory events. There will be internal celebrations rewarding employees at their company, an unveiling of retro packaging to come in the summer months and an effort to partner with local Maine companies to co-host events and programs throughout the year.


Bennett is grateful for the support Oakhurst Dairy has received over the years from Mainers. Many Maine-based businesses such as Hannaford have carried Oakhurst Dairy products for years and have contributed to the company’s astounding success. Also important has been Oakhurst’s loyal customer base throughout the state.


“To Mainers and beyond, thank you for coming along for this 100-year ride. If you grew up around here chances are you grew up on Oakhurst milk. The Oakhurst team is so proud to be your local dairy company, and we look forward to another century by your sides and in your fridges,” Bennett said in the press release.


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